Red Dead Redemption 2 Wild Feverfew Locations Guide

Parthenium Ligulatum, commonly known as Wild Feverfew, is a short flower with white petals, yellow florets, and a green leafy base. It can be found in the New Austin area, near Cholla Springs and Armadillo. In Red Dead Redemption 2, players can consume this plant to boost their Stamina Core. Although it can be tricky to find, Wild Feverfew is a small bush or plant that is present in the game. Red Dead Redemption 2, which was developed and published by the renowned Rockstar Studios in 2018, features this plant. This guide aims to assist players in finding Wild Feverfew locations in the game. So, let’s dive into our comprehensive guide without delay.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Wild Feverfew Locations Guide

Where To Find Wild Feverfew In Red Dead Redemption 2

Did you know that there are almost 40 different types of plants and herbs in the gaming world of Red Dead Redemption 2? One of these plants is called Wild Feverfew, which can be used to restore a small portion of your stamina core. Additionally, you can also use this plant to craft various useful items that will surely come in handy during your journey.

If you wanted to get more Wild Feverfew, then you have a few spots available for farming it. Follow the steps given below to collect more Wild Fever in Red Dead  Redemption 2:-

  • First, go towards the Armadillo as per map location. You can either fast travel or ride on your own to reach Armadillo.
  • When you arrive there, then make your way toward R of Armadillo on the map. Here you can find some wild feverfew bushes.
  • Now, if you continue to go towards North from your current location, you will get some more additional bushes of Wild Feverfew.
  • In the Red Dead  Redemption 2 single-player campaign, if you are trying to pick up some wild feverfew, then you have to wait till the New Austin area is available later in the story.

There is no other area in Red Dead  Redemption 2 other than Austin, where you can get your hands on wild feverfew plant. So what you need to do is just keep calm and be patient till the later chapter of the story when New Austin area available. Now you know the location so just go and grab some wild feverfew plant for yourself.

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