How To Reinstall Microsoft Store App in Windows 10

Have you mistakenly uninstalled the Microsoft Store app from your Windows 10 PC.? If you want to reinstall this app back on your computer, then this guide will help you out. Often we delete various applications and services that we don’t use frequently. Those users who may not be much used to tech and gadgets normally do this. Hey, it’s completely okay.! Every problem has a solution and we can revert this deletion of the Microsoft Store app. This app is important as it is your gateway to all the legit apps you may need to install on your computer.

The steps to reinstall the Microsoft Store app on Windows 10 are not that difficult. You have to use Windows PowerShell to look for app packages on your computer. Then by executing a particular code fragment you can bring back the Microsoft Store app. It may barely take you less than five minutes at the most to get the whole thing done. So, let’s get down to the steps now.

Reinstall Microsoft Store App in Windows 10

  • Start by pressing the Windows + X key combination
  • A menu will launch from which navigate and click on Windows PowerShell(Admin)
    reinstall Microsoft Store app for Windows PowerShell Admin
  • Windows PowerShell will open up
  • Enter the following code phrase
    Get-Appxpackage -Allusers
  • Now, all the packages for the Windows OS on your PC will be displayed
  • Navigate and search for Microsoft.WindowsStore [this searching you have to scroll manually and have some patience, for searching will take some time]
  • Once found check for the component PackageFullName. It will have a long value.
    reinstall Microsoft Store app
  • Now, put this following code.
    Add-AppxPackage -register "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\value of PackageFullName\AppxManifest.xml"-DisableDevelopmentMode
  • Follow the above screenshot to understand.
  • See, the PackageFullName has a long value. That may be slightly different for your computer. Simply mention that in the code fragment above in the place of “value of  PackageFullName”.

The code will take some moments to execute. I suggest for a better result, you reboot your PC. Then check whether the Microsoft Windows Store app has been restored or not.

So, if you have accidentally deleted the default Microsoft Store app on your Windows computer, then use this guide to reinstall the app back on it. Try it out. It may look a bit difficult technically, but it’s quite easy.

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