How to Reverse a Snapchat Video

Snapchat is one of the premier social media apps of this decade. With Snapchat users can send about quick videos and photos to their friends & relatives. Users can also password-protect their choice of stories, images. This feature is called “In my eyes Only”. The social media app also has provided the ground for businesses to flourish through ad-based short content. It normally comes under the feature Discover. No wonder with so much scope and features, Snapchat has about 230 million daily users spanned all over the globe.

We know that on Snapchat we can click photos, shoot videos, use filters and effects on them. Do you know that we can even reverse a video on this app.? Yes, it is possible and in this guide, I will tell you how to run a Snapchat Video in reverse.

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How to Reverse a Snapchat Video

So, here are the exact steps that you have to follow. In case you don’t have Snapchat and wish to try this feature, then you can download Snapchat for Android.

  • Launch Snapchat
  • You have to record a live video
  • Next, you have to look for the rewind filter which will add the effect.
  • Slide on the screen to the right
  • There would be other filters through which you have to navigate
  • Select the Rewind Filter(it has 3-arrows) for your selected video
  • After reversing, the video will start from where it ended in the original live clip.

Now, you can either put your customized video as a Snapchat story or send it as a Snap streak.


You can only reverse a video on Snapchat when it is recorded live on the app. it won’t work if you download a video and try to reverse it on Snapchat. Similarly, reversing will not work if you select a video from the camera roll.


So, that’s how you can reverse a Snapchat video easily. Go try it out now and share this trick with your friends who are new to Snapchat.

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