Risk of Rain 2 Shrine of Order Locations Guide


Gearbox’s Risk of Rain features several shrines that may interest you. Moreover, these range from the ordinary ones to the extraordinarily rare ones. Consequently, one of the particularly hard-to-find ones is the Shrine of Order. This shrine bears such significance that it can potentially make your present run succeed or completely fail.

Now we will help you learn how to locate the Shrines of Order in Risk of Rain 2. So if you are one of those who are confused regarding finding the Shrine of Order then you are in the right place. So let’s get started without taking any further ado.

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Risk of Rain 2 Shrine of Order Locations Guide

Locations of Shrines of Order in Risk of Rain 2

In Risk of Rain 2, the Shrine of Order is a unique structure that is equally lucrative and perilous. In order to find these special shrines, you need to visit the Commencement or the Rallypoint Delta. These are the places where these shrines can potentially spawn in random spots, albeit very rarely. They have a special, very symmetrical outline. You should be able to distinctly spot this Shrine, in sharp contrast to its surroundings. This is mostly thanks to its grey colored concrete-like texture. It can, however, be tough to spot in snowy locations.


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Like most other things in Risk of Rain 2, your only hope of finding a Shrine of the Order is the RNG. And when you finally find one, it will be a goldmine of RNG when you interact with it! You will have to spend a Lunar Coin in order to use these Shrines. In addition to this, they will also downgrade your item pool to merely a single kind of item of every rarity. Considering the fact that they will randomly decide the items you are able to keep, it is a gamble to use these shrines. But at the same time, they have significant benefits to offer as well.

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