What is Roku Error Code 009 and 016 | How to Fix Them?

Roku is a streaming device used by many for their daily streaming needs. In certain parts of the world, it is the most preferred platform for streaming live TV. But this does not mean that the device is free of faults. Many users often report problems while using the Roku device in their homes.

Two of the most popular errors that have popped up in many forums is the Error Code 009 and Error Code 016. These two error codes are primarily associated with internet connectivity issues. So depending on your connectivity issue, you might see the Error Code 009 or 016. So in this article, we will look into all the possible solutions one can try to fix either one of these errors. Now without any further ado, let’s get into it.

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How to Fix Roku Error Codes 009 and 016?

Error Code 016 appears particularly when you are trying to stream any content on it, and there is an internet connectivity issue. It only shows up when you try to stream anything.

Roku Error Code 009 shows up when the device has trouble connecting to the internet. This warning message pops up even when you have not selected any content to stream.

The underlying problem lies with internet connectivity, and trying out all connectivity-related fixes should solve the problem for you.


Update the Roku device:

The Roku device must be running on the latest version to function correctly. So check your device for any pending updates, and if you see one install it on your Roku device immediately.

  • Select the Settings option present in the left-side toolbar of the home screen.
  • Scroll down and select System.
  • Then select System Update.
  • Now select the Check Now button.
  • If an update is available, it will show the option Update Now. If you see it, select it and let the process complete.
  • After the update is complete, the Roku device will restart.

Try the next solution if updating the Roku device does not fix your problem.

Reset the Network:

In the most network-related issue, a simple reset is enough to iron out any inconsistencies. So you should perform a network reset and check whether that solves your problem.

  • Turn off your router and modem completely.
  • Keep them turned off for a while, then turn them on again. This will reset the Network completely.

Now, try using the Roku device again. If you still see the same error message, try the next solution.


Clean the ports:

The ports on your TV and the Roku device might have some dirt. A chunk of dirt is sometimes enough to obstruct the connection between the two devices. So, remove both devices from the power source, and then give the ports a proper clean using a Q-tip.

If this does not help you, try the next solution.

Check your internet connection:

You must ensure that your internet connectivity is stable on the Roku device.

  • Select the Settings option present in the left-side toolbar of the home screen.
  • Scroll down and select Network.
  • Then select Check Connection.
  • You will see two boxes here. Ensure both of them have a green tick.

If you have everything in order, move on to the next solution.

Restart the devices:

The next thing that you can try is a restart. Just remove the Roku device and the TV from the power source. You must completely pull out the adapter from the socket and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. This will completely restart the TV and the Roku device and be ready to go again for a fresh start. Just remember to remove any possible power source for both devices altogether.

After restarting the two devices, try using the Roku device again. Try the next solution if you still encounter Error Codes 009 or 016.

Factory Reset:

If the restart does not help you, you should go for a factory reset. Roku devices have the setting built into their UI. Navigate to the advanced system setting, click reset, and choose factory settings. Allow the reset process to be completed. It might take a while, but you will have a Roku device with everything set to how it was when first bought after the process is complete.

After resetting the device, try using the Roku device again. Try the next solution if you still encounter Error Codes 009 or 016.

Check for any possible outage:


Your ISP might be undergoing some maintenance. And during that while, the connection will be out. So contact your ISP and ask them about any possible outage with your connection.

If there is nothing wrong from your ISP side but you still encounter the error code, try the next solution.

Check your cables:

In rare cases, the cables you use to connect your Roku device to the network adapter can be faulty. There might be a tear internally or externally, or in some cases, the cable might not support your adapter entirely. So check the cable you use to connect your device to the router and try out other cables.

If this does not help you, try the next solution.

Set up a New Connection:

This fix is specifically for the error code 009. In some cases, the SSID or the password for the internet connection might not have been appropriately registered, due to which the error code 009 could be triggered. Therefore, we will set up a new connection in this step. For that:

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote.
  • Select the “Network” option.
  • Select the “Setup New Connection” option.
  • Then select the “Wireless” button.
  • Navigate to “Setup a New Connection.”
  • Select “Wireless.”
  • Highlight and select your internet connection and enter the password for it.
  • Wait for the connection to be established.

Try the next solution if it does not help you as well.

Switch to wired connection:

If you are using a wireless connection for your internet connection on your Roku, you should consider switching to a wired connection. A wired connection provides superior connectivity with consistent network connectivity.

If switching to an ethernet cable connection for your Roku device also does not fix your error code, try the next solution.

Clear your Roku cache.

A setting on the Roku device remote lets you clear the cache on your Roku device in a few simple steps.

  • On your remote, press the Home button five times, the Up button once, the Rewind button two times, and the Fast Forward button twice.
  • This will clear the cache on your Roku.

Try the next solution if clearing out the cache also did not solve your problem.

Resetting Network Settings:

This solution is specifically for the error code 016. In some cases, the Roku network configurations get corrupted, leading to all sorts of problems with connectivity. In such a scenario, resetting the network configuration is the best solution.

  • Open Roku and log into your account.
  • Navigate to Settings > System.
  • Select System Restart and then select the Network Connection Reset option.
  • Wait till the reset is complete. Once it is complete, the device will restart itself.
  • Once the device turns on, go to Settings and select Network.
  • Select the wifi option and then select the Setup a New wifi connection option.
  • Select the wifi you want to use for your device and then select the I am at home option.
  • Set everything to Automatic, and then enter the password for your connection.

If you still encounter the same error, try the next solution.

Contact customer support:

As a last resort, you can try contacting the customer support of Roku. You can find the contact and customer support information about Roku right on their website. Customer support should be able to resolve your error code 009 or 016 with the Roku device.

So these are all the solutions that one can try to fix the Roku Error Code 009 and 016 issues. If you have any questions or queries about this article, comment below, and we will get back to you. Also, check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricks, PC tips and tricks, and much more for more helpful information.

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