5 Important Uses of Router USB Port You Must Know

Everyone that uses the internet prefers WiFi connection for faster network speed.  Also, WiFis are most sought for their stable connectivity. ISP providers set up routers in households. If you look carefully at your router, you will notice it has a USB port. In this guide, I will explain to you 5 important uses of this router USB port.

Normally, this port remains without any use for all its lifetime. However, you can use it for a plethora of things. Starting from setting up network printing, using it as NAS, setup a cellular modem etc. You may find it hard to believe but you can take a backup of your hard drive using the router. Keep reading the guide to know more about how to implement all these uses.

5 amazing use of WiFi Router USB Port you must know

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5 Important Uses of Router USB Port

Connect your Cellular Modem

Yes, it is possible to use the internet from your cellular provider on your entire home/office network. This will depend upon how good your cellular service is in the particular area you want to set this up. Besides, you need to have an active data plan that should allow seamless data usage. Connect the cellular modem stick to the router USB port. Then set up the router and you will be good to go.

Use As Media Server

Let’ say there is some song files or some video files that you want to share and play on your smart TV. Then you can connect to a shared hard drive via the router USB port. If you have other PCs or laptops in the network, you can also share the media files with them. The router’s firmware will create a media server upon connection.

Set Up A Network Printer

Today’s printers are modern and automatic. They connect to active networks on their own. However, a number of people are there those who use old school printers requiring cable connectivity. Here, they can connect the printer to the USB port of the WiFi router and their printing machine is ready. How simple could that get.?

Take Hard Drive Back up of Your PC

If at all you wish to create a backup of your Windows PC hard drive, then straight away connect the hard drive to the USB port of the router. You do not even need any third-party software to get the backup.

  • Type Backup Settings in Type Here to Search Box [Windows 10]
  • Click Add A Drive [it will detect only when the router is connected to the PC]
  • You have to decide how often the backup is needed to be created
  • Next, from the particular drive, you can decide which folders you wish to back up.

Creating A NAS Using Router USB Port

NAS means Network Attached Storage. As the name suggests the file storage stays connected to your network. The advantage is when you have to share high volume of information amounting in gigabytes, then copy-pasting using USB drives will take a lot of time.

So, here NAS comes into the picture. Simply store the required files and share them over the network. All the connected devices in the network can easily access the files. All you have to do is connect an external hard drive to the router USB port.


The NAS creation we are talking about here is mostly for domestic use. If you have a big office and you require NAS for formal use, then go for a dedicated NAS that you can find on e-Commerce sites.

That’s it. These are some of the interesting uses of WiFi router USB port which you may not be aware of. I hope that now you know. Do share the post with your friends if you found this interesting.

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