How to Fix If Windows Key Not Working on Your PC

One of the most popular keys on a PC keyboard is the Windows key. Yes, the one with Microsoft’s official logo on it. This key has been in use since 1994. That’s a huge timeline and to date official and non-official keyboards come with the Windows key. To access the start menu this key can be used. But sometimes users report that the Windows key is not working.

Not everyone likes to use a mouse to do a click to execute an action. I always prefer keyboard shortcuts rather than using trackpad/mouse. So, with an important key out-of-service, users do tend to get irritated. Maybe there is some issue with the physical keyboard that may cause this problem. Also, an outdated device driver can be another prime reason for the Windows key not working on a PC. Malware or virus on your system may render the device driver useless affecting the device. In this guide, I have outlined some easy troubleshooting methods that can come handy in fixing up Windows key if it’s not working.

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How to Fix: Windows Key Not Working on Your PC

Let’s begin with simple troubleshooting methods first.

Is There Any Alternative Keyboard Shortcut .?

When the Windows key is not working, then you can carry out this simple troubleshooting. There is an alternative keyboard shortcut is available that performs the same function as the Windows key.

  • Press Ctrl + Esc. It will open up the start menu.

Before trying anything else mentioned in the guide, do try the above alternative keyboard shortcut.

Update Keyboard Driver

Sometimes, the device driver may be running on an older build and need an update. So, you have to update the driver of the keyboard.

  • Open device manager by typing it in the Type Here to Search box
  • Scroll down to Keyboard, click to expand > Right-click on the keyboard model it is showing
    Update keyboard driver if Windows key is not working
  • Select Update Driver.
  • On its own, the PC will look for the latest driver updates and install it.
  • Restart your PC once the driver update finishes

Now, try using the Windows key. If the issue was due to outdated drivers, then it should now be fixed and must work fine.

Does Your Keyboard Has Winlock Key

Some keyboards come with a key called Winlock. As the name suggests, pressing the key disables the Windows key. This is normally seen in the gaming keyboards. As a person is playing games using keyboard controls, pressing the Windows key will minimize the game. This will disturb the gamer and break his flow. So, Winlock disables the Windows key and even if the gamer presses it, by mistake, nothing will happen.

Just check if the Winlock is still active. If yes, then disable it immediately by pressing the Winlock key. Now, the Windows key should work fine.


Some modern keyboards come with Gaming Mode on them. This allows the gamers to not get disturbed in case they press a stray key. It means if you press the Windows key while gaming, then nothing will happen if gaming mode is enabled on the keyboard. While this mode is active, you will not be able to use the Windows key. So, if your PC keyboard has the Gaming Mode, then turn it off.

Keyboard May Have Hardware Damage

This is another reason for the Windows key to stopping working on your keyboard. Your PC’s keyboard has taken some kind of fall which may have affected its internal hardware. Sometimes a faulty keyboard may be shipped or the shipping might have been mishandled. This can cause damage to the make of the keyboard including the keys, If there is a warranty period on that keyboard, get it replaced from the seller or try to repair it.

I had a 7-year old laptop whose keyboard did not work properly after a fall from the overhead cabin baggage in a flight. Even though it was inside a backpack, still the fall caused the keyboard sensors to malfunction after sometimes. It persisted until I changed the keyboard on the laptop. So, if you have faced something similar, then that may affect the keys of the keyboard. Get it checked/replaced.

Modify Using PowerShell


PowerShell command output may produce some results that could affect the software of the PC/laptop. So, try the modifications at your own risk.

GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any software or hardware related issues that may occur incidentally while/after you follow the modification/troubleshoot guides mentioned in this post.

  • On the Search box of Windows type PowerShell
    Open powershell
  • Click on Open when the result match shows up.
    powershell command to fix Windows key if it is not working
  • Now, enter the following command and press enter
    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation) AppXManifest.xml"}
  • Now, check whether the Windows key is working again or not. If not, then move on to the next troubleshooting method.

Tweak Registry Editor

If there is any problem in the registry then it may reflect on the hardware. This means the Windows key not working can be attributed to this issue. So, you can modify the registry editor and make changes to some attribute values to set things right.

  • In the Type here to search box, type Regedit
    Open Registry Editor
  • Click Open
    Modify Registry Editor to fix Windows Key Not Working
  • Now click to expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM >Keyboard Layout
  • Now look for an attribute Scancode Map under both the folders available for keyboard layout.
  • If it is available, then delete it from the registry
  • On the other hand, if you do not find the scan code map, then leave this troubleshoot method and try out the next one.

Use System File Scan to fix if Windows Key Not Working

This is a scan that you can carry out for detecting and fixing the corrupt system files that may cause the Windows key to not work. You have to do this scan using the command prompt.

  • In the Type here to the Search box, type cmd and hit enter
  • As command prompt opens, type the following command
    sfc scannow
  • Wait while the system files will be checked and repaired
    system file scanning to check for issues and fix Windows key
  • The as the process finishes, reboot your PC.
  • Once the system reopens, check if the Windows key is working or not.

Scan PC for Malware if Windows Key Not Working

Maybe your PC is infected with some malware or virus that is causing the Windows key to not work properly. Other keys may also be affected by this. So, try to do a full scan of your PC using the anti-virus you have installed on your PC. If you have a full-version anti-virus running actively on your PC, then there are low chances of malware attack. Still, running a full scan will ensure the security status of the device. If any virus is found, make sure to eradicate it using the anti-virus.

So, that’s all the troubleshooting methods you need to follow if the Windows key is not working on your PC/laptop. Gadgets are prone to have technical snags but everything can be fixed. Try the troubleshooting techniques and let me know in the comments section what was the issue with your PC and which troubleshoot fixed the issue.

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