Samsung Galaxy Buds Problems and Solutions

Samsung Galaxy Buds which are a competition to the Apple AirPods was launched by the company alongside the S10 in February. These are a great pair of wireless earphones and packs some really cool features. The Galaxy Buds were bundled with the pre-order of the S10 line-up. But, there are some problems that you might come across while using this set of earbuds. In this article, we will show the Samsung Galaxy Buds problems and solutions.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

This guide contains solutions to problems like pairing issues, audio problems, lagging issues, and so on. Now, without further ado lets get straight into the article;

Samsung Galaxy Buds Problems and Solutions

1. Bluetooth Pairing Issues

There are several possibilities that can avoid your smartphone Bluetooth to connect and pair up with the Galaxy Buds;

  • Check whether there is no wall or any other electronic device between your smartphone and the Galaxy buds.
  • You need to keep your Galaxy Wearable app installed with the latest update. Because some glitches and bugs are fixed every time a new version of the app arrives on the Play Store.
  • You should also check that when you are trying to connect the Galaxy Buds and your device, make sure you are within the range of 10m.
  • If any of the above methods doesn’t fix this issue then, you should restart both the Galaxy Buds and your smartphone, and then try to pair them.

2. Galaxy Buds Won’t Work

  • If you are facing this issue then, it might be due to the total discharge of the battery of your Galaxy Buds. It is also advised to keep the Earbuds for charging before using it straight out of the box.
  • The touch sensor might also be an issue. If it is not touching your ear then try to remove and re-position them in your ears and check whether it is working or not.
  • If the touch pads do not recognize you then, you should keep both the earbuds in the charging box and close the lid. And, after 10 seconds open the box and see if its working or not.

3. Charging Issues

  • Make sure you are using the Official Samsung Power Brick and the cable provided with the Galaxy Buds to charge them.
  • Make sure the connection is made properly between the charging box and the power adapter.
  • It might also be due to dirt on the charging contacts. Clean the contacts with a dry cloth and try charging the battery again.

4. Charging Mismatch Between Both the Earbuds

  • Both the earbuds can be used as a separate earphone as well. So the charging time may vary.
  • Due to internal components, the charging time may vary for both the earbuds. Try to use them only after both the earbuds are charged to 100%.
  • Not keeping you Galaxy Earbuds under normal temperature can also affect the battery life of the earbuds.
  • Like any other device, the battery efficiency will degrade over time.

5. Calling Issues

  • If you cannot clearly hear the other people’s voice while on call, try to adjust the call volume from your smartphone.
  • Moreover, if the echoing effect occurs during the call, then try to move to another area or try to reconnect the call.

6. Sound Quality Issues

  • You should try to avoid places where electromagnetic waves are available like near a WiFi or network towers.
  • You should also check that you are using the Galaxy BUds within the desired range specified on the instruction manual.
  • Try to set the equalizer on your smartphone according to improve the sound quality of the earbuds.

7. Latency Issues

There are several people that have reported this issue with the Galaxy Earbuds. If you also face latency issues with your earbuds, then the probable solution is listed below;

  • Change your Audio Codec to AAC (if supported)
  • Go to Settings>>About Phone>> Software Information.
  • Tap on the Build Number 7 times, till the “You are now a Developer” message comes on your screen.
  • Head to the Developer Option.
  • Go to Networking tab and tap on the Bluetooth Audio Codec. (This option is available when I tested it on my Note 9)Developer Option
  • Check the AAC codec option as shown below.Codec Option
  • You can tweak with other codecs as well to check which settings better reduces the latency.

8. Galaxy Buds Overheating

  • This could happen if you continuously use the Galaxy Buds for a long time. If the earbuds are feeling hot, then stop using it for some time and give it a rest.
  • If still, this issue occurs then, it is advised to get it checked from a Samsung Service Center.

9. Noticeable Gaps Outside Galaxy Buds

  • The gaps are part of a manufacturing feature and are made willingly on the Galaxy Buds.
  • If the gaps become slightly bigger then, it is due to the ear and tear of using the Galaxy Buds.


There you have it from my side in this guide. Hope I have covered almost all the issues that you might come across while using the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds. If I have missed any issue, please let us know in the comments below and also let us know whether this guide was helpful for solving your issues or not.


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