Common Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Technology has an excellent contribution in making the things easier for us all. It is true that our life has become very significant with the involvement of technology in it. Well, there is always a price which we need to pay to get comfort in life. Some investments offer us much more than what exactly was paid by us. A smartphone is one of the perfect examples of this statement. There are thousands of tasks which we can perform through it and can add comfort up to an infinite level in our life. Exploring the features of a modern gadget simply let you know more about the same. It is very much true that all modern gadgets are good but they often have some common issues associated with them. In this post, I will introduce you to the common Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus problems and fixes.

Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus hit the market recently and it has been known for its style features. Being a Smartphone in middle price range, it is capable to let the users fulfill all their expectations. While using any Smartphone the users have to face several problems due to multiple reasons. These issues are the ones which are spotlighted in this post. It is not necessary that these issues appear in your phone all of a sudden. You can face any of the problems with your gadget due to a specific or a random reason. However, these issues are not because of major problems in hardware or in software domain. They appear due to basic factors such as compatibility of the apps or the OS. Here in this post, the Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus problems and their solutions are provided to let you deal with them easily.

Samsung Galaxy J4 plus problems

Why buy this phone

Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus is truly a wonderful device and the one which can be trusted with closed eyes for the long run. For an average user, it is amazing in terms of hardware configuration. There are all latest features Samsung has loaded it with. Also, the phone has been reviewed as one of the finest to invest in 2018. There are many things about the phone that attracts you and it always make sure to let users fulfill their expectations.

Common Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus problems and Fixes

Well, you are not always necessary to be an expert when it comes to smartphone problems formulation. It can be done easily without bringing your phone at the support center. However, it all depends on the nature of problem and its exact cause. In most of the cases the problems are avoided if closed attention is being paid by the user on them. Else, there is always a strong probability that you will end up having several other uninvited troubles. For this reason, we suggest you to follow everything in the proper manner. takes no responsibility for any additional error or problem that appears while following this guide in a manner not prescribed.

Connectivity issues

You are often required to connect your phone with other gadgets to enhance its functionality. Of course, no device can full operate itself or allow users to access all the features without depending on other gadgets. The common example is the internet. Without same, your device is nothing. Thus, you should avoid all connectivity-related issues at the earliest. Here are some methods complied to enable you to deal with them.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • First of all, simply check if the Bluetooth app in the phone is not having any trouble with it due to which it is not allowing you to connect your phone with others. There are several bugs possible which can be held responsible for this
  • If you are a lucky one, this problem can be avoided just by turning your phone OFF and then again turning it ON after 1 minute
  • Your phone will be required to compile with the security policies to enable you access the Bluetooth
  • It is not necessary always that the problem is there in the phone just because there is something not right with your own gadget. The problem can be associated with other gadget you are trying to communicate. It is recommended to you to apply and check all these instructions on the same as well
  • Any kind of hardware problem in the phone can cause this issue in it. Check and make sure of this
  • You will be required to delete the history of recently connected device to get the things back on track. Erase the name of all the gadgets in the Bluetooth history and try again
  • Simply make sure the problem is not there due to a fault Bluetooth antenna
  • Check if the data you are dealing with is not causing this problem due to any reason
  • Don’t run the phone in the power saving mode
  • Make sure no other app is accessing your device Bluetooth at the same time. Close them simply
  • Remove the restrictions imposed on the phone and check if the pairing has been done correctly

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Don’t disable device security as this can be the reason your device would be facing this problem
  • Simply check if the phone is having so many apps installed that are accessing the Wi-Fi. One example of such an app which is quite common is “Shareit”. Disable the same if running and check again
  • Defects associated with the modem, phone Wi-Fi antenna, network as well as the random reason with service provider can be blamed for this
  • You will be required to enter the password correctly and all the time whenever you will try to connect the network. Make sure to enter it correctly. It would be good to enable the automatic connection
  • Don’t forget to disable the Airplane, power saving or safe mode before accessing the Wi-Fi. Sometimes these features wouldn’t let your phone communicate properly with the network
  • The entire data exchanged on the network should be free from any kind of issues
  • Check and make sure the problem is not there just because the additional requirement imposed by the network administrator is not fulfilled. You need to pay attention to this carefully
  • Bugs associated with the improper configuration of the modem and server downtime can cause this problem in your phone
  • Simply check and makes sure your phone doesn’t have restrictions to connect with Wi-Fi
  • Make sure the problem is not there due to completely consuming the entire allotted bandwidth
  • Check and make sure you are not trying to connect your phone with a Wi-Fi connection who limit to host maximum number of devices has already been reached
  • Check in case the problem is related with the LAN settings of the network

Overheating problems

It is necessary to avoid this problem from the phone at the earliest because it can cause various other issues in it. The Samsung Galaxy J4 plus problems and their solutions to deal with overheating are spotlighted below.

  • Make sure the phone settings or the settings of any apps are not forced to custom when it should be set to recommended
  • Make sure the excess heat is releasing from the phone properly by assuring whether the phone ventilation system is functional or not
  • Simply check and make sure the problem is not there with the charger or the source of charging your phone
  • Avoid using the power banks that have power specifications or rating different from Samsung Galaxy J4 plus
  • Remove phone back cover if installed and check again
  • Make sure the problem is not associated with the OS bugs
  • Don’t trust all the platform for installing the apps in your phone
  • Avoid playing games in the phone all the time as this can cause overheating of the hardware
  • Don’t keep data in the phone which is not required
  • Perform a hard reset on your device to get the things in proper working position once again

SIM/Network related problems

It’s easy to deal with this issue unless there are no major hardware problems in the phone. Check below the supportive methods for this.

  • Always make it sure whether the problem is not actually associated with the SIM card slot in the phone. You might not have inserted it properly
  • Check and make sure the problem is not there in the phone due to services validation. Check if the same is active
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have SIM card turned OFF
  • The problem might be associated with the network signal fluctuation that often happens when the location of the phone is not fixed such as while traveling
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have any kind of compatibility related problem with the network services
  • This problem can be there in the phone due to a damaged caused to the SIM card
  • Sometimes you are required to select the network manually and for this you can simply open the network selection option and so this
  • Make sure the SIM card is not turned OFF or disabled in the phone settings
  • Simply restart your phone and make sure the Airplane mode is not disabled on it
  • If the SIM runs perfectly on another gadget, you will be required to get the phone checked

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

When this is the problem you are facing, the below instructions and useful methods can be trusted easily to get the best results

  • Create the connection properly. Make sure factors such as loose connection and incompatibility are not responsible for the problem
  • Simply check and make sure the problem is not there I the phone just because the SU”B drivers are not updated.
  • Check and make sure the connecting cable you are using doesn’t have any of the problem related to the same such as slow speed or a physical damage on the same
  • Your PC might not have drivers to recognize the phone. Check it properly
  • Make sure the notifications are enabled on the phone. Also, check if the selected mode is MTP or any other
  • You will be required to perform a reboot  to your phone in case it has so many data already present in it
  • Check if the problem can be avoided simply by restarting the PC
  • Give necessary permissions to the phone and PC to communicate with each other
  • There are possible two USB ports present on the PC. Try using the parallel if one doesn’t work

Performance issues

Here is how the performance can be enhanced simply in no time again if you are facing the problem

  • Make sure to follow the basic practice of restarting your phone at least once in a day
  • Check in case the phone memory is completely full and the problem is there because of the very same reason
  • Simply check and make sure your phone is not having any kind of data which is infected with virus
  • Make sure not to install apps from the platforms not trusted
  • Check in case the problem is there just because of any hardware problem in the phone
  • If there are some pending updates for the Operating system or for the apps, simply download and install them
  • You might be downloading data or files which are too complex for the phone to handle
  • Don’t run multiple apps on the phone. This can cause the problem for sure
  • The device cache data is to be cleared daily for the smooth performance
  • Make it sure simply that the problem in real

Apps not functioning properly

The Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus problems related with the functionality of the apps along with their best available method for fixing are listed below.

  • The problem might be there just because you have changed the settings of the apps in the phone. Switch them to recommended again if they are customized
  • Each app has different UI and to ensure the smooth functionality, the timely updates are always required
  • Check and make sure the problem is not there in there in the phone due to factors such as installing the apps not compatible with the phone. This usually happens when you choose to install them from the third party sources
  • Set the phone memory as the default storage space for the installation of apps
  • Check if the necessary permissions are not given to the apps for their function.
  • Remove the app and again install them from the Play Store. Restart the phone after this.

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

You simply need not to worry about anything if this is the problem. Here are some methods to help you get this issue fixed.

  • It is always recommended to use the earpiece that is compatible with the phone. With others, later or sooner you will have to face the problem for sure
  • Check and clean the micro speakers on the earpiece. If there is a lot of dust deposited over there, you might have to face this problem
  • Check if the sounds are disabled on the phone
  • Simply make sure to play the music that is compatible and has better sound quality else it makes you feel about this issue in your phone
  • The problem might be there if the sounds drivers are not working properly in the phone
  • Check the USB connector on the phone and make sure it is working properly
  • In case the same earpiece perform their task well on another phone, you will be required to get your phone checked through an expert

Bad camera quality

If the phone camera is actually capturing very low quality pictures, you can go ahead with the below instructions to get this problem fixed

  • The device camera is facing problem due to lack of cleanliness either on the screen or on its lens. Check it properly.
  • Remove the pre-installed transparent glass cover from the brand new device
  • Make sure the problem is not there because you have captured all the images in the burst mode
  • It is always mandatory that your phone doesn’t oscillate and remain still while capturing the images or while shooting videos
  • Check in case you have selected a wrong shooting mode in the camera settings and this is causing the problem
  • Make sure to enable the HD option all the time
  • When the lights around you are low, it would be good to use the camera flashlight to get the desired quality
  • Check in case the problem can be voided simply by switching to the default camera app in case you are using any other
  • A minor bug in the OS or in the camera app can be the reason you are facing this problem. Check it properly

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Well, this usually happens when no attention is being paid on the overall functionality of a phone by a user. To get the Samsung Galaxy J4 plus problems related to this domain fixed, the below methods are very useful for one and all.

  • If so many apps are running in the phone simultaneously, probably this will consume more juice from the battery
  • Check if the problem is related with the blocked apps in the phone which usually cause this problem
  • Make sure the phone doesn’t have a hardware problem associated with its battery
  • Check and make sure the phone is not having too many updates pending for installation
  • Don’t use the phone while charging or while transferring the data
  • You will be required to disable the unwanted notifications from the apps if you wish to boost the battery performance
  • The device might be taking extra time to charge because of no other reason than preferring a third-party charger for charging it battery
  • Don’t turn ON the Wi-Fi hot-spot all the time on your phone
  • Mobile data should be kept OFF when there is actually no need of the same

Screen Related Problems

Check below listed instructions to avoid this issue from your phone

  • Make sure the phone is not having its default memory completely fill. This can cause the problem in several cases
  • Always charge your phone through the recommended manner. This has a huge impact on the hardware and sometimes on the screen performance as well
  • It would be good to keep a close eye on the working condition of apps and the factors responsible for the performance. Slow operating phones doesn’t allow users to operate screen properly
  • Don’t confuse this problem with a software fault in the OS
  • Make sure your hands are clean and not covered with gloves or mittens
  • Depositing of a lot of oil particles on the screen can also have an impact on the functionality of the same
  • Check in case the problem is there due to a major or a minor physical damage on the same
  • Check if the phone runs perfectly while operated in the safe mode
  • Make sure the glass guard installed on the screen is not causing this issue due to improper installation of similar factors

MicroSD card not detected in the phone

Avoiding this problem needs you to pay close attention to the following factors.

  • There might be problem in the SD card due to a physical damage which is minor or due to stains. Check it properly
  • Make sure to insert it properly in the phone
  • Avoid using the one that is cheap and has more storage capacity than the limit imposed by the manufacturer
  • Always keep some space free on the microSD card for its smooth functionality
  • You will be required to check if the data present on the card is not hidden or has any compatibility related issues with the same due to which you are facing the problem
  • Simply check and make sure the problem is not there due to restrictions on using any kind of third-party device with the phone
  • Even if you purchase a brand new memory card, there are chances of having a manufacturing defect in it. This is because a memory card is a very sensitive component
  • Check if the card is functional on any other gadget
  • Format the same and try inserting it again in your phone

You have just introduced yourself to the various methods and instructions that work against the common Samsung Galaxy J4 plus problems. If you need more information on this subject, simply post a comment below and wait for our reply.


  1. Mine is charging very slow, it keep saying “Device charging slow, use original charger” something like that but the thing is I’m using the original charger and never used third party…

  2. My device is charging very slow and always says “device charging slowly, use original charger” but the thing is I never used a third party charger, always used the original one

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