How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 WiFi Not Working

When it comes to smartwatches for Android devices, we have lots of options. But, right now, almost all those options are wrong. Even Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 started facing criticism just after a few months of launch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is going through a widespread issue as many users from different regions all around the world complain that the WiFi is not working on their Watch. 

When we investigated this issue, we have also found shocking news regarding this as sometimes the Watch connected with WiFi but not working. But, after researching and brainstorming on Google, we have found a few fixes that you can also use to get rid of this situation. So, why waste time here? Let’s get started then. 

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 WiFi Not Working

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 WiFi Not Working

It is very rare that Samsung premium devices have some flaws, but as we know, everything is possible in this techie world. Well, Galaxy Watch 4 is Samsung’s one of the best selling devices right now, and that’s why this issue has become a headache for Samsung itself. Anyway, now you need not worry as we have some steps using which you can easily fix this issue. So, make sure to follow them one after the other sequence wise. 

  1. First of all, reboot your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and check if it helps. 
  2. No luck? Then, check if your WiFi router is working or not. 
  3. Use your smartphone and check if your WiFi gives you proper uploading and downloading speed or not. 
  4. Did you check whether your application is up to date or not? If not, then immediately update it. 
  5. Clear cache data of your Watch’s application.
  6. If nothing helps, then reset your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. This will surely help you fix the WiFi not working error. 
  7. Still, no luck? Don’t worry! Now, you can simply hover to the nearest service centre and ask for repair. 

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So, these are some fixes that you can fix if your Samsung Watch 4 has the same issue. We hope the steps we have mentioned in this article has helped you. Furthermore, if you have any other fix that will help our users to fix the issue, please mention it in the comment section. We will keep this guide updated accordingly. 

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