Fix: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Won’t Charge or Power On

Samsung has recently released the latest Galaxy Watch 4 in a couple of variants that offer plenty of useful and advanced features out of the box. This time the Watch 4 from Samsung has come with Google’s Wear OS on top of One UI Watch 3 skin instead of Tizen OS, which is a big advantage. Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can do wonders but not if it can’t turn ON. Some users have reported that Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Won’t Charge or Power ON.

After scanning through various troubleshooting methods to fix the issue, we have got some methods that you will find worthy. Here are some methods to fix Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 that won’t charge or power ON.

Fix: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Won’t Charge or Power On

Why Would Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Won’t Charge or Power ON?

Assuming that the battery mounted on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is drained, it won’t turn On or Power On. However, there can be other issues causing the smartwatch to stay powered down or not charged. For starters, check if the battery is to be blamed. The inclination is towards the issue reported by Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 that won’t turn on or even charge. Software glitches and bugs, non-compatible or broken charging units are some of the reasons why it would happen.

Fix: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Won’t Charge or Power On

1. Charge the watch

You are constantly trying to turn on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 but to no avail. The watch isn’t responding. One of the most probable reasons why it could happen is if the battery has drained way too low so much so that the watch isn’t able to vibrate or show LED light let alone lighting up the display.

To bypass it, simply connect the watch to its wireless charging dock. Depending upon which dock you are using, you will have to place the watch flat with the watch face up or at 90-degree facing the other side of the charging dock since wireless charging offers when the back panel of your watch comes in direct contact with the charging coil on the charging dock. Charge the watch for at least 30 minutes and try to revive it. Samsung does recommend charging the battery for an hour (60 minutes). It should be able to fix the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 won’t power ON issue.

2. Reboot

You might have seen this troubleshooting method a lot of time but hey, it works. I am assuming that your Galaxy Watch 4 is still turned ON but not charging, rebooting can help. Apparently, it fixes any impending software issues or glitches. Check if it works or not.

3. Check if the charger is compatible or broken

Assuming that your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 isn’t charging at all, there are two likely scenarios here w.r.t. the charger.

Broken Charger

Firstly, it is likely that the charger you are using is broken. At the end of the day, it is an electronic device just like the watch and tends to break like any other device would. This will be apparent if you were able to charge the watch a few days ago but as soon as you connect the wireless charging now, it doesn’t do its job. If you have a second watch with you, place it on top of the first charger to verify if it works or not.

In the event, if the second watch is unable to charge up, the first wireless charger is at fault. If the events are vice versa, perhaps the watch is at fault and you will have to report to a service center to get it fixed.

Incompatible Charger

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is compatible with a wireless charger; thus, if you are using the watch, check out a compatible charger. Samsung advises that using a charger not meant for Galaxy Watch 4 such as the one made for the original Watch, will hamper charging performance.

It is recommended to use one’s charger to juice up the watch or buy a new one. We have recorded several instances of issues like the Galaxy Watch 4 not charging that was because of an incompatible charger. Thus, simply switching over to an official or authorized charger should be able to do the magic.

4. Connect the wireless charging dock properly

If you followed the last troubleshooting method, it should be pretty clear to ascertain if the charging dock is at fault or the watch itself. Anyways, try to connect the smartwatch to the charging dock properly. For that to work, place the charging pad flat on the floor and the watch on top.

If you have a wireless charging stand, the placement of the watch could be different, so read the instructions on the manual you get with the dock or search for the web. The charging coil (on the charging dock) should connect with the charging coil mounted on the back of your smartwatch to facilitate charging.

5. Try charging using a different source

You did it all; you tried charging the watch for a half-hour or more, changed the charging dock, or used n number of things but used the same power source. Could it be a problem after all? To verify if the power source you have been using is at fault, take the contraption to another power source and plug in the charger. You should be able to gauge if the power source is at fault or if the charger/watch is the culprit.

6. Report the issue to a service centre

I don’t think so you would wear your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 if it doesn’t turn ON just for the sake of it. Thus, if the watch is still unresponsive to power ON or not charging, it is high time that you report the issue to a service center. You have two options to go by i.e. an authorized service centre or report it to a third-party (or local) service centre. Depending upon the severity of the issue, you could have to replace or repair the watch or the charging dock.

This is the end of guide on how to fix the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 won’t charge or power ON. These are some of the most widely used and proven methods. Please let us know which method helped you fix the issue from the abovementioned methods.

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