[Update]Samsung One UI 2.5 Could Bring Ads to Stock Apps but not the Lockscreen

New update on 10 June, 2020: In the original post below, we suggested that Samsung might be adding ads to the lockscreen with the One UI 2.5 update based on early reports. However, it seems that the screenshot depicting an ad on the lockscreen is made up. According to SamMobile, the lockscreen ads with One UI 2.5 is simply a joke from frustrated users targeting Samsung. It aims to show that with the introduction of ads in stock apps, Samsung might make users watch ads on the lockscreen. Thankfully this isn’t going to be the case. Although, our excitement is still short-lived since ads are eventually going to pop-up in stock apps.

Just a couple of years ago, flagships priced at $1,000 became the new norm. Fast forward to 2020 and we now have phones priced over $1,500. And some of the most expensive Android phones at preset are from Samsung. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we are also seeing more affordable phones with impressive specifications.

Many Android OEMs, especially ones from China have been offering the best value for money smartphones for the past few years. And one of the main reasons why these manufactures have been able to do so is by placing ads in the UI. One of the first companies to start serving a ton of ads in their skin over Android was Xiaomi.

Following Xiaomi’s lead, most Android OEMs have now implemented ads in their stock apps and the UI. Ads on budget-oriented smartphones can be written off since the specifications are usually what matter to users purchasing a budget phone. However, Samsung might have plans to implement ads in stock apps and on the lockscreen. This can be seen from screenshots on Samsung’s Korean community forum (lockscreenweather app). It’s expected that these in-app and UI ads will be arriving with the Samsung One UI 2.5 update.

It shows ads being placed in the stock weather app as well as the lockscreen. Moreover, it does not end there, ads will be placed across all stock applications barring only a few. This new information isn’t a surprise, we’re already seeing Samsung push ads in most of its stock applications.

Even Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S20 lineup along with the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip have push notification ads as well as ads in stock apps. Paying a massive premium to own a smartphone that servers ads is a major disappointment to users. Moreover, Samsung users cannot turn off ads completely. Thus, if the ads make their way over to more stock apps and the lockscreen, Samsung users will need to deal with intrusive ads as well. We might have to wait and see if the company decides to disable the ads for their premium smartphones.

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