Top 15 Adblock Plus Alternatives For Android

Adblocks serve us a great utility as they block all unnecessary advertisements on your device. And since people use their Android devices for almost all their activities, they need active adblockers to serve the purpose. Currently, Adblock Plus is the best option for blocking ads on Android smartphones. However, it is still in the beta stage and can not block all the ads. In some cases, it can not block spyware and other advertisements that steal your data. So we have some great Adblock alternatives, which will not only block ads but also protect your sensitive data.

In our digital world, it all comes down to stealing information. Most advertising companies steal user information to show them advertisements. This is the reason why most of us see advertisements on Android smartphones. But thankfully, there are apps like Adblock Plus, which actively block all such advertisements. Today we are going to discuss all these ad blocker apps for Android. And if you’re already using the latest AdBlock, then we also have some cool Adblock Plus alternatives for Android as well.

If you have previously used Adblock, then you might know about their fair use policy of ads. But now, with the latest update, Adblock Plus now shows acceptable ads on Android smartphones. This means that you will still see ads, but the frequency of these ads will be very low. Most users are not happy with this update as the work of adblocker is to block all the ads, not a few of them. So users are looking for active Adblock Plus alternatives for Android, which block all the ads on a smartphone.

Top 10 Adblock Plus Alternatives For Android

Top 15 Adblock Plus Alternatives

It is sad to see that AdBlock Plus is not blocking all the ads on your Android device. So here are some great ADblock alternatives which you can install on your Android device to hide ads and un-necessary advertisements.

1. ADclear

adclear adblock alternative to stop ads

Adclear is an ad filtering app. XDA developers developed this app, which creates a VPN and filter ads to reach your phone and web page. Adclear can also filter out encrypted ads as well. So it makes an excellent alternative for Adblock plus to stop ads from irritating you.

Special Features:

  • Best blocking facility
  • Selective pp filtering
  • Non-rooted
  • Supports many browsers at a time
Google Play

2. AdGuard for Android

adguard can block all ads on your android smarhone

AdGuard is a non-rooted blocker. So it will work on any Android device. It even comes with a VPN service that allows you to block or unblock websites. In case you want to use open wifi, then the inbuilt VPN will protect you from unwanted harmful ads and phishing attacks.

Special Features:

  • Block every ad
  • privacy protection
  • Comes with in-built VPN support
  • Saves more data and battery
Google Play

3. Free AD Blocker

free ad block a good adblock alternative

Free AD Blocker is a simple to use Adblocker for Android users. Now you can block all the ads which pop up on your device; it also notifies which app is delivering your ads, so you can iter block it or uninstall it completely. It even gives you the option to delete advertisement cache data, which prevents saved ads from popping up on your device.

Special Features:

  • Not reduce the internet speed.
  • Blocks every ad
  • Easy to use
Google Play

4. Adblock – No Ads

adblock plus no ads alternative

This app comes with a minimal user interface and blocks every ad, whether it is pop ads or intrusive ads. Adblock No ads work in an automative manner, so after installing it once, it will block all the ads on your device. You can also set up app filters which you can whitelist the application on which you want to see advertisements.

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Special Feature:

  • Blocks each type of ads
  • Comes with malware host
  • Have ad tracker host
Google Play

5. AdBlocker Ultimate Browser

ultimate browser based adblock unblocker

Ever got tired of all the unskippable ads on websites. Well, AdBlocker Ultimate Browser can block all such nuisance advertisements for you. If you frequently surf the internet on your device, then this app is a must. After installing this app, you will be able to surf the websites without ads, which is a great experience. If you want to browse ad-free on your browser and app, this AdBlock alternative is a viable option.

Special Features:

  • Compelling ad-blocking module
  • Optimizes the battery
  • You can browse faster
Google Play

6. AdLock

If you want a complete solution for your ads problem, AdLock is one of the best apps to download. It has robust mechanics and a very intuitive interface. Ads got filtered before reaching the device. It is free to use, and it also supports desktop users. On Android devices, it also comes with firewall and VPN support. In the short term, it is a complete AdBlock solution for Android users.

Special Features:

  • Non-rooted
  • Ads-free
  • Not so expensive

7.  AdBlock Browser

adblock browser can block all ads

The developers of Adblock plus for desktop has developed this app for blocking the ads on your Android smartphone. It works for all types of advertisements, which hampers the performance and data usage of your device. This app is featured in many magazines for its ultimate performance and track record. The user interface of this adblocking app is great. And since it blocks all the advertisements on your smartphone, it serves as a great Adblock Plus alternative for Android.

Special Features:

  • Eliminate all sort of banners, texts, etc
  • Enhance internet speed
  • Saves data usage
Google Play

8. Droidwall

If you want to block the ads of a specific app, then Droidwall is a good option. It blocks the background internet usage of the app, which prevents the ads from popping up. In case you see heavy ads from a particular app, then you can disable its internet connection, thus blocking all the advertisements. The best part about it is you can configure the connection yourself! It is a great app for tech geeks who want to keep control over which apps should deliver then ads and whatnot.

Special Features:

  • Can block ads on a specific app
  • Very robust mechanics
Google Play

9. YouTube Vanced

Download YouTube Vanced APK: Watch Youtube in the background

YouTube Vanced is a premium app for YouTube Users. With YouTube Vanced, you don’t have to worry about un-skippable ads. YouTube Vanced will block all the ads on YouTube, and it also gives you additional features such as background music playback support. If you primarily use YouTube, then this app is must have to avoid all noisy YouTube advertisements.

Special Features:

  • Ad-free
  • Video quality can be set
  • Dual themed interface

10. Firefox Focus

Firefox browser is a browser that works on incognito mode to hide your private information. This app acts as a complete ad solution in blocking Ads and other intrusive codes. So you won’t be seeing any ads, malware, or popups while surfing the internet. However, it will not hide the in-app advertisements which you see while playing games or using third-party apps. This app is supported by Mozilla Firefox.

Special features:

  • Low power usage
  • Complete ads solution
  • Acts as incognito so good for privacy
Google Play

11. SPEAR-AdBlocker

Spear is a simple to use and widespread adblocker which works on the majority of browsers. It is more effective in bocking any adultery advertisements on smartphones and also helps with adware files management.

Special features:

  • Increase battery life
  • blocks floating ads
  • block adult ads permanantly
Google Play

12. Unicorn Blocker:Adblocker, Fast & Private

Unicorn Adblocker is quite new in the market, but gives an excellent approach to Adblock Plus and serves as a good alternative for booking unwanted advertisements. Apart from ad blocking, Unicorn blocker can also detect malware and can help you to remove ad junk that is stored on your device for advertisement cache.

Special features:

  • Ads cleaner
  • Data saving mode
Google Play

13. Skip Ads for Youtube

If you’re someone who is absolutely frustrated with a bombardment of advertisements on Youtube, then this is one of the best free tool and alternative to Adblock Plus for Android. With Skip ads, you can skip all the annoying advertisements on Youtube and even block them permanently. The service is free of charge and works effortlessly on all Youtube videos.

Special features:

  • Auto skip ads feature
Google Play

14. NetShield

NetShield as its name is a shield against any advertisements your device might be receiving. Apart from the general ad blocking and ad monitoring, NetShield also protects you from hazardous malware and scams which are promoted with the help of false advertisements. Additionally, it cuts any internet requests by advertisements which in turn saved a lot of mobile data.

Special features:

  • Works on a variety of browser including Chrome, Samsung browser, Mozilla, etc
  • Protects from adware and malware
  • Block all kinds of advertisements
Google Play

15. NoAd

NoAd is a premium ad-blocking service that blocks any kind of advertisement of tracking information that leads to privacy issues. The service is paid and you will be prompted to pay upon use. However, on the bright side, none of your private data gets shared with ad services companies and all the advertisements get a block instantly.

Special features:

  • Premium ad blocking with active tracking
  • Works on non-skippable ads
  • block video ads
Google Play


These were some of the best Adblock alternatives which you can try on your Android smartphone. Since the original Adblock Plus allows a limited number of ads on your smartphone, this is not ideal for a user. To avoid any un-wanted advertisement showing up on your device, make sure to install any one of these apps. Ads are sure annoying, but they support free services such as free apps and games. So in case you want to support the developers, you can use Adblock Plus as it supports a fair ads policy where you will see a limited number of ads only. However, if you don’t want to see any ad at all, then you can install any apps from this list below. We will keep updating this list so you can bookmark us to stay updated.

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