Why Samsung Galaxy S23’s Display Appears Dull or Washed Out Compared to Older Models and How To Fix?

Long-term Samsung users have complained about the S23 display appearing dull ad washed up. Smartphone users have compared the S23 with the Z Fold (first-gen) and S9 Plus. The community is baffled by the fact that the three years old model has a better display quality than the latest variant. We will explore the potential reasons why the Samsung flagship smartphone makes loyal buyers feel disappointed.

Samsung Galaxy S23

Why Is S23’s Display Appearing Dull and Washed Up?

Many users have pointed out the S23 display experience on social media and forums. Loyal Samsung consumers seem disappointed by the panel quality. You will find hundreds of threads of the existing S23 customers. All of them have complained about the washed-up display. Users have compared the product with the older generations like S7 and S9. Let’s see what contributed to the washed-up color screen.

Defected Samsung Galaxy Device:

You should contact the nearest Samsung authorized store to claim the warranty. The S20 user shared that the older smartphone display looks far superior to the newer generation. Visit the authorized store with the purchase bill and ask them to refund the money or unit. Companies offer a refund on 10 – 15 days older smartphones in the USA. Contact the customer support team and ask them about the refund options.

Display Modes:

My Galaxy S-series smartphone had the display modes. The company shipped the top-notch panel on the flagship smartphones. You can change the colors for a brighter or sharper output. I have shown you how to change the modes on the S23 or higher models.

Incorrect Display Settings:

The OneUI is a selling point for the manufacturer. The software development team has brought many customization features to the table. You may have altered the default color settings of the display. I have shown you how to disable the custom colors on the S23 series devices.

OneUI Display Filters:

The company added color filters for users who have problems reading the texts. The software feature covers the display with a customized one. You can select the pallet from the presets and modify the display output. I have shown you how to disable the color filter on the latest OneUI.

Eye Comfort Shield Feature:

OneUI has an eye comfort shield feature for users like myself. I use smartphones and computers for long hours, and eye fatigue is a problem. The S23 display is not TUV Certified and emits blue light. You can lower the risk of artificial blue light fatigue by enabling OneUI’s ECS. The software feature enables the red filter to minimize the display colors.

How To Fix If Samsung Galaxy S23s Display Appears Dull or Washed

I have suggested many solutions to fix the dull colors and washed up S23’s display. Follow them in the order and reach the Samsung authorized store for a replacement or refund. Use Google Drive and create a backup on the cloud storage. We don’t want you to risk the data while implementing the solutions.

Shut Down Galaxy S23 Device

We don’t let the smartphone sleep overnight. Many charge the S23 device overnight instead. We have to give the hardware and software room to breathe. Shut down the smartphone for an hour or a minimum of five minutes.

1. Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.

2. Leave the S23 button when power options appear on the screen.

3. Tap the “Power off” option to highlight on the screen.

4. Tap the “Power off” button.

Remove the charger and allow the S23 to sleep for a few minutes.

Disable Color Correction

Samsung makes incredible panels for many manufacturers. The Galaxy series has flagship-level displays. Many users turn on enhancements for a smooth experience. I encourage users to disable the display enhancements for natural output.

1. Launch the “Settings” from the menu.

2. Tap the “Accessibility option.

3. Tap the “Visibility Enhancement” option.

4. Tap the “Color correction” option.

5. Toggle the “On” button.

Leave the feature turned off to resolve the problem.

Disable Color Filter

Samsung wanted to make the reading experience better for all sorts of users. The in-house developers added color filters for the texts to appear better. Disable the feature from the OneUI device.

1. Launch the “Settings” from the menu.

2. Tap the “Accessibility option.

3. Tap the “Visibility Enhancement” option.

4. Tap the “Color filter” option.

5. Toggle the “On” button.

You can increase the text size instead of using a color filter for a better experience.

Disable Eye Comfort Shield

Samsung introduced the eye comfort shield for those who use the smartphone for long hours. ECS is a working feature for mirage patients because it reduces the blue light of the display. Unfortunately, it adds a red or yellow filter on the screen to reduce the harmful blue light.

1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.

2. High the shortcuts area.

3. Swipe right to view the “Eye Comfort Shield” button.

4. Tap the “Eye Comfort Shield” button.

I recommend migraine headache readers buy TUV-certified smartphones and monitors. Those display panels have 70% less blue light compared to conventional screens.

Update OneUI Software

Samsung competes with every smartphone manufacturer in the industry. The South Korean-based company works on the operating system. You should update the OneUI when it is available for the S23.

1. Launch the “Settings” from the menu.

2. Swipe down.

3. Tap the “Software Update” option.

4. Tap the “Download and install” button.

5. Let the smartphone search for the latest information.

Connect your S23 to a Wi-Fi network for a seamless experience.

6. Install the latest software version.

I request you keep a few points in mind before you tap the “Update” button. Read the release notes and watch some reviews from the reputed creators to know the upside and downsides of the software update.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S23

Reset the operating system to the default settings when you haven’t identified the problem. Use the computer or cloud storage to create a data backup. Take snapshots of SMS because the software doesn’t allow storing them in the backup file. Create a backup file for applications like Signal.

1. Launch the “Settings” from the menu.

2. Tap the “General Management” option.

3. Tap the “Reset” option.

4. Tap the “Factory data reset” button.

5. Swipe down.

6. Tap the “Reset” button.

7. Enter the Samsung password.

You don’t see the Samsung verification pop-up if you haven’t signed into the account.
Allow the OneUI to wipe out the internal storage and restore the software to its original settings.

Bottom Line

Remove all software tweaks that alter the display colors. Migraine headache patients should keep the Eye Confort Shield turned on if they don’t want to experience the episodes. You can fix the Galaxy S23’s washed-up colors and dull display by disabling all enhancements. I have one piece of advice for you if the problem remains with your S23. Reach the authorized Samsung authorized service center for a replacement unit or refund.


  1. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, but the display looks washed out and not as sharp and crisp as my S20 Ultra. I have adjusted all the necessary settings, but there has been no improvement. Surprisingly, I haven’t heard any major vlogger mention this issue. It seems like this problem may be specific to the international version, as it doesn’t seem to affect the American version. My device is the international version, indicated by the “Made in Vietnam” label on the box. Do you think there might be something wrong with the phone, or is it possible that it needs an update?

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