Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus Power Button Not Working Issue (Solved)

Samsung releases new flagship smartphones every year with exclusive features. This time, the new Galaxy S24 series comes with numerous Galaxy AI features and improved hardware specifications. However, some users have reported issues with the power buttons on the latest Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus. If you’re experiencing this problem, don’t worry. In this tutorial, we’ll provide effective methods to solve the issue of power buttons not working on Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus Power Button Not Working Issue (Solved)

Reasons Why Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus Power Button Not Working?

Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus are the latest flagship smartphones from Samsung, and many consumers have different issues with their devices. Here, we are talking about the power button problem. There are some effective methods available that you can try out to tackle the issue. Before we jump right to it, let’s have a look at the possible reasons.

The power button is a hardware component on the device, located on the right side. If your Samsung phone falls to the ground from a high height, it will directly affect the power button. Another possibility is that your power button is filled with dust and debris particles. It is common for dust and other particles to accumulate around the power button, which is why your phone’s power button isn’t functioning properly.

We have outlined two possible reasons for the power button not working on the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus. It is quite possible that the power button isn’t working as expected due to the rigorous back case. At certain times, software conflicts and even bugs can cause the power button to not function well.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus Power Button Not Working Issue

Luckily, here we have shared a couple of workarounds that should greatly help you. By following and applying the below methods, you will be back to using your power button again on your latest Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus. Let’s jump right to it.

Fix 1: Check the Power Button

The first thing you have to do is check the power button on your device. At times, it is likely that the power button is damaged or stuck due to falling down. If your Samsung phone ever falls down, then it’s common to encounter such hardware issues, including the power button not working.

In that scenario, you should first verify whether the power button is physically faulty or not. If it’s damaged, you’ll have to replace it by visiting the nearby service center. However, if it’s not physically damaged, it might be stuck somehow. In that case, shake your phone multiple times to unstick the power key button.

While shaking your phone, you should keep a few words in mind. Do not shake your phone at hard surface objects, as this may further damage your device. By looking at it carefully, you can easily identify whether your power key button is stuck.

Fix 2: Remove the Back Case

If you are using a hard or rigorous back case, you may not be able to use the power button properly. However, putting a rugged back case shouldn’t stop the phone’s power from working until or unless it interferes with the button’s functionality. If you’re using a rugged or hard back case for your phone, then it might be the other reason.

In that scenario, we suggest you remove the back case and check whether the power button works on your phone. If it is not, there might be another reason. You can also use a thin back case for protection.

Fix 3: Remove the Dust & Debris Around the Buttons

You also have to check whether the power button is accumulated with dust and debris particles. If it is, then this is why the power button isn’t working on your device. In that case, we suggest you check and remove the dirt and other particles that are accumulated around the buttons, which may interfere with the internal connections.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series comes with an IP68 rating, so there is less likely to be a problem due to dust and debris. But with older devices, it is possible to encounter power button issues with dust or debris particles. You can address the issue by removing the dust and other particles on your device with a toothpick using canned air.

Additionally, you can blow air into the area of your power button to gently remove the dust and other particles that have accumulated around the buttons. If there is no dirt or debris around the buttons, then follow the next method.

Fix 4: Scheduled Powering ON or OFF

If you are having a problem with the power button and are unable to turn the device ON or OFF, then you can schedule your phone to power ON or OFF at a fixed time. This is a simple and effective way to turn your phone ON or OFF. Make sure to try this feature on your Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus.

Here’s how to schedule power ON or OFF on the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Device Care.
  3. Under Device Care, tap on the Auto Optimisation option.
  4. Tap on Auto restart > Toggle ON the Restart as schedule.
  5. Set the time and day according to your preferences and save the changes.
  6. Once done, your phone will restart automatically according to the time and day.

Fix 5: Reboot the Device Using Developer Options

You can also reboot the Samsung phone using the Developer option. With Android Lollipop and higher, you can also enter recovery mode and fastboot mode. If the power button is not working, then you should try using Developer mode to reboot the device. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Settings and navigate to About Phone.
  2. Tap on Software information > Tap on Build Number 7 times. This will open the Developer Options.
  3. Enable the Developer Options by entering the device password, PIN, or pattern.
  4. In the Developer Options, you can enable an Advanced Reboot.
  5. This may depend upon the mode you have.

Fix 6: Update System Software

Samsung keeps pushing new updates for their flagship smartphones to improve the device’s overall functionality and fix unknown bugs and technical issues. At certain times, the underlying software issue causes the power button functionality. However, you can address the problem by updating the device to the latest version.

Make sure to check whether the update is available for the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus and then update accordingly. To check for software updates, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Software Update.
  3. Tap on Download and Install if an update is available.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  5. Once the download is finished, install it on your device.
  6. Now, your device will automatically reboot to the system.

After updating the device to the latest version then, ensure that the power key is working on your handset. If it’s not, follow the next method.

Note: If no update is available then you will see a message indicating “Your software is up to date.” This means you’re already on the latest software version.

Fix 7: Wake Up your Phone When it is ON But in Sleep Mode

If the power button of your Samsung phone isn’t working and you’re in sleep mode, then you can easily wake up your phone with a simple effort. All you have to do is plug the phone into a charger or make a call to your phone number with your friend’s phone and the screen will wake up automatically. You can even persuade your friends to make a call on your phone number to power on the phone screen.

Fix 8: Reach Out to Samsung Support

If none of the above workarounds come in handy for you and the power button is not working on your handset, you must contact Samsung support for further help. It is possible that due to an unresponsive or broken power button, the power button isn’t working anymore. In that case, it’s best to connect with the support team or visit the nearby Samsung service center to get the device repaired or replaced without costs if the device is under warranty.

Otherwise, you must pay some revenue for the repair expenses. They have a great expert team that will immediately repair it, if there’s an issue with the physical parts.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. If you have any queries, let us know in the comments section.

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