How To Save Conversations On Snapchat

People often like to cherish their old conversations with their dear ones. This happens with their social media circle as well. Users always look for a way to save the messages they exchanged with friends. In most social media apps the messages stay even when one of the participants in the chat removes their accounts. However, if we look at other platforms like Snapchat, it has this feature of message auto-destruct. This means after a certain time limit, the messages will delete on their own. Most Snapchat users may not know this but they can save conversations on Snapchat.

In this guide, I will tell you various simple methods to save the snaps you exchanged with your friend or colleague. Do not worry for you do not have to use any third-party apps to do this. One of the methods is native to Snapchat. Yes, this means the social media platform allows you to save the snaps and chats you exchanged with your buddies. Along with this, we will use a few other smartphone’s modern-day technologies that will help in saving the Snapchat conversation.

save conversations on Snapchat

Save Conversations On Snapchat

Let’s check out the various methods to save the snaps.

Take A Screenshot

This feature is a game-changer in the smartphone industry and these days it takes a simple gesture to capture the screen.

  • Open Snapchat app
  • Go to the Chats section by swiping right on the home screen [camera fieldview]
  • Then right-swipe on a chat to access it
  • Next, use the physical buttons of your smartphone or gesture(such as swiping the screen with 3-fingers(OnePlus devices)) to capture the screenshot
  • Access the screenshot image on your phone gallery.

This is the most simple way to get your work done.


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Saving Conversation Directly

This is the method that I mentioned most people are not aware of.

  • Launch the Snapchat App
  • On the camera view swipe right to go to your chats
  • To open a chat right swipe on it
  • Now simply tap and hold on a chat message
  • This message will get highlighted in gray color
  • This means this message has been saved successfully
  • In case you do not save a snap after the recipient receives/sees the message, it will delete automatically.

If you wish to undo the save action for the message, the process is pretty simple. Go to the chats and tap and hold on the greyed-out message. The grey highlight will remove and once you close the chat, the conversation will remove on its own.

Using Screen Recorder

This one may sound like overkill, but this method is for those who understand that when you take a screenshot of a snap, the other participant in the conversation will get notified. So, to avoid getting branded as a stalker, users can simply record the screen and in the process save the conversations they had with their Snapchat buddies.

  • Launch the Screen recording app
  • Open Snapchat app
  • Go to the chats section and select the chat which you wish to save
  • Then keep that page for a few seconds so that the screen gets recorded.
  • Get back to the home screen and stop the screen recording
  • Now, go to the respective folder where the Screen recorder outputs are saved.
  • You can check the messages through the video you just recorded

Most devices have an inbuilt function to capture screens such as OnePlus smartphones and iPhones. Otherwise, you may also use any third-party screen recording apps. Just make sure to download them from App Store or Play Store. Try not to download any APK from third party portals. Otherwise, you may end up installing junkware or spyware on your mobile phones.

So, that’s it. These are the various easy methods that you can implement to save the conversations on Snapchat. Try these out and have fun.

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