Do I need an Xbox Live Account to Play in Sea of Thieves Available on Steam

To all the Steam users out there, in this questionnaire guide, we wanted to answer some of the most important questions that fans have asked since the announcement back in April about the arrival of Sea of Thieves to Steam.

The game is currently available to purchase on the Steam platform. We hope to cover all the important doubts regarding the Sea of Thieves requirements, and it’s compatibility modes.

Do I need an Xbox Live Account to Play in Sea of Thieves Available on Steam

Do I need an Xbox Live Account to play in the Sea of Thieves?

In order for players to start the game, they will be required to log in with their account when prompted with the Xbox live account. If players are already playing using the Xbox Live account or a Windows 10 account, then they don’t have to worry. As they can easily log in using their linked Xbox Gamertag account.

For newcomers, they can set up an account quickly by heading over to the official Xbox Live webpage. By selecting ‘Create an account’ and following the rest of the instructions, users should be able to register successfully.

Fortunately, for all Sea of Thieves enthusiasts, they will not need an Xbox Live Gold subscription package to play the game, and creating a new Xbox Live Account is absolutely free! Yaay!

Here are a few more questions that seem to have players in doubt.

When can I get Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves is available to purchase from June 03, 2020, onwards on the official Steam platform for $39.99 USD.

Do I need Windows 10 to play?

It is important for players to know that in order to play Sea of Thieves, they need Windows 10 running as their operating system.

Will cross-play work in the Steam version?

Aye! Cross-play is supported. Which means Sea of Thieves fan can play together regardless of which gaming platform they are on. Players who are already using Xbox and Windows will be able to play together with their teammates through Steam.


Will Steam allow for game progress?

Aye, aye! Players will be able to carry their game progress through their Xbox Live account. This means, all the game cosmetics, ranks, points, and unlocked achievements will be the same from the last session.

Is there an FPS game lock?

Never! There is no FPS lock of any kind in Sea of Thieves.

Will the game be free on Steam if already owned?

Unfortunately, players will not be receiving their free Steam copy.


Will Sea of Thieves be accessible in my region?

Players can get their hands on this game in all regions that support Steam.

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