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Reddit is the ideal place where people can talk about things. And it is known as the internet’s home page. Reddit is where people go to discover information about everything. Even though Reddit won’t show individuals who have removed/ deleted threads, looking through Reddit and finding a pulled article with many upvotes is frustrating. Still, sometimes you won’t be able to view the deleted comment or post, so Inquisitiveness takes control after a cursory examination of the thread topic. You start to think about how amazing it would be to go back in time and see what the erased or deleted thread was about.

Reddit Comments

 It’s not hard to look at deleted comments and posts when you want to. With the aid of third-party instruments, you can get back most of these removed critiques. You can go back in time. We’ll show you six ways to look at old, removed posts and comments on Reddit so that you will quench your curiosity.

These resources are free to use and not against the law either.

Note: Comments on Reddit are pulled for a justification, and most of the time, it’s because they are disrespectful.

Top 6 sources to view deleted posts and comments on Reddit:

1. Unddit

Reddit is likely the easiest way to look at old Reddit threads that have been taken down. It lets you see erased posts and comments and color codes them so you can tell who took them down by looking at the color. The user who first posted the comment will also have their username revealed by Undit. It’s easy to use Undit. Go to and drag the red Unddit icon to the favorites bar. Now, open the topic you want to see that has been removed. You can also change “Reddit” to “unddit” in the discussion URL, which will take you to the same Unddit page. 

Unddit gets the information from the Pushshift cache and shows it in a way that looks like the old Reddit. Pushshift is a tool for gathering and monitoring social media data. Since 2015, Reddit data has been saved on the platform. Unddit uses a red-and-blue color scheme to show which comments were deleted by the user and which ones were erased by a moderator.

2. Ceddit

Ceddit is the most effective way to swiftly view erased comments on Reddit right now. It is a web page run by someone else that lets you read Reddit posts in its way. However, it might be unable to return all deleted comments, like those that the Reddit auto-moderator removed. If you just want to read removed comments, you can look for articles highlighted in red, as you do on Reddit. 

Just access the thread on Reddit and substitute the “r” in with a “c” to create in the URL.

3. Reveddit

When you go to, you’ll only see one text area where you can type the username of the account, the name of the subreddit, or an URL to the discussion. When you tell Reveddit the name of a subreddit, it will show you all the removed discussions and comments from that subreddit. You can put URLs for posts and threads, just like on Unddit. Also, you can change “Reddit” in the URL of a post to “reveddit” to see deleted content in that thread.

The only bad thing? Reveddit doesn’t show comments that people have deleted. You can only see comments that the subreddit’s editor has taken down.

4. Resavr

Since you can’t see deleted posts on Resavr, it might not be the most effective site to use to look for removed Reddit materials. It’s a web page where you can only see comments that have been removed. The layout is fairly simple. It shows deleted comments from Reddit and is an excellent website for people who simply wish to kill some time by viewing removed comments. It takes you directly to the distinctive, now-deleted Reddit thread so that you can view the whole post. 

5. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a tool that caches snapshots of web pages and makes them accessible to everyone. It also considers screenshots of Reddit articles, so you can go back to the past to see a message before it was deleted. But I won’t tell you to use Wayback Machine as your main way to read comments that have been removed from Reddit. You’ll have to do a lot of work to find the exact comment you’re looking for, like looking through dozens of pictures of the same post. 

Make sure to clean up the URL first by eliminating any extra HTTP arguments at the end.

6. Cache in Google

Google also scans internet pages and stores archived copies of those websites to show to users. It is identical to how the Wayback Machine works. You can also use Google’s cache to see comments and posts removed from Reddit. If you are lucky, the discussion forum or comment that has been eliminated may still be available for your perusal, allowing you to check it out beforehand. Google initiates a re-crawl of the webpage and subsequently publishes a revised version of the site’s content. It only works with comments that were just removed. 

This method also allows you to see the content of Reddit when it is down or facing an outage. You won’t be able to log in to your account and interact with other users, though.


  1. Is it possible to view deleted posts or comments? 

Both the web version of Reddit and the app won’t give you any way to see posts that have been removed. You can utilize the websites we listed in the content to delete your post or comment. 

  1. What is the most reliable website to check if a post has been eliminated?  

Ceddit and Unddit is probably the easiest way to look at old Reddit threads that have been deleted.

  1. Where do deleted posts on Reddit go?

When a person deletes a post from Reddit, it is also removed from their history.


Reddit is news from a social media website where several new threads are posted every hour. Some may have been lost over time, but you can find them again with the help of third-party storage tools. Now that you understand how to look at posts that have been removed from Reddit, absolutely nothing can stop you.

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