How to Show Battery Percentage on the iPhone 12

Do you want your iPhone 12 to show battery percentage on the home screen.? I know the iPhones do show the existing amount of juice via the battery level indicator. That’s the default way to know how much battery power is left. Still, knowing the exact percentage of the battery will help you to put your iPhone on charge.

There are two ways by which you can show the battery percentage of your iPhone 12. The easiest way is to access the control center and see the remaining battery in terms of percent. Alternatively, if you want to see the battery percent always on the home screen and lock screen then you have to enable the battery percentage option. This you can do from the iPhone 12 Settings. The steps to do that are pretty easy and I have explained them in details

Show Battery Percentage on the iPhone 12

First lets us check out the easy way. For that, you have to access your control center to see how much juice is left on your iPhone

  • On your iPhone 12 swipe up to down on the display
  • The control center will open
  • On the top right corner, you will see the battery level indicator along with the battery percentage
  • If you have an iPhone with a home button then you have to swipe from down to upside to invoke the control center

Steps to Enable Battery Percentage Option

The battery percentage option is actually present on every iPhone.

  • go to the Settings app
  • Navigate to Battery and tap to open it
    iPhone 12 battery settings
  • Then the first option will be Battery Percentage
  • Tap on the switch beside that option to enable it
    enable battery percentage on iPhone 12
  • As soon as you enable battery percentage, the percent of juice left on your iPhone 12 will display beside the default battery level indicator.

NoteAlso, when you put your iPhone up for recharge, on your home screen, you can see the current battery level in percentage.

Knowing the battery percentage will help in putting up the iPhone on the charge to avoid shutting down due to an empty battery. So, that’s all about how to show the battery percentage on iPhone 12. This guide will also work for all other variants of the iPhone 12 as well as other iPhone models.


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