Slack Calendar Integration: How to Link Your Calendars with Slack

The online platform Slack allows you to create and join various corporate networks. On Slack, you come across various events and online meetups, etc. It is very important to be aware of events, webinars that are happening in your professional circle. To stay in the flow of the ever-updating information you can integrate calendars with slack. It will notify you about upcoming meetings and event updates. You can display your schedule to your connections. So, if you are at a conference no one will disturb you during that time. Also, you can respond directly to event invitations.

This guide is entirely about Slack Calendar integration. I will show you how to connect Google Calendar with Slack. When you accept an event invitation, then the status in the Slack will update automatically. At the same time, you have full control over your Slack status. You can remove the status anytime at your discretion. There are other aspects of the calendar integration that I have discussed as well. Let’s check out everything in detail.

Slack Calendar Integration: How to Link Your Calendars with Slack

Slack Calendar Integration

First, let us add Google Calendar to Slack.

  • Open Slack client on your PC
  • Then go to Slack App Directory
  • Search for Google Calendar
    Add calendar to Slack
  • Access the page and then click on Add to Slack
  • Next click on Allow
    Allow Slack calendar integration
  • Now, you can go back to your workspace on Slack by clicking Open In Slack
    Calendar integrated in Slack

Connecting Account to Calendar with Slack [From PC and Mobile]

Let’s see how to connect Google Calendar with Slack from both PC and smartphone.

  • Click Apps on the desktop client of Slack [You can also access from More]
  • You will see Google Calendar in the Apps list as you have already integrated it
  • In the Home tab. Click Connect an Account
  • Once finished, head back to your workspace by clicking on Open In Slack

For smartphone users,

  • Launch the Slack app
  • Tap on Home > Jump to
  • search Google Calendar and tap on it to access it
  • Now tap on the option Connect Calendar from the Home tab
  • After connecting tap on Done

Creating An Event

Now, let us see how to create an event on Slack after the calendar integration. Again, it can be done from both PC and mobile.

Desktop Users

  • On the left-hand panel click Apps
  • Go to Google Calendar in the left-hand Apps section and open it
  • Click on the Home tab under Google Calendar
  • Next, click on Create Event
  • Provide a title for the event and set the date duration of the event
  • use the Available Time option to select a time when all invitees are ready to attend the event
  • You can even set a fixed time as per your choice by selecting Pick A Customized Time
  • Make sure to add brief details about the event in the Description section
  • There is an option Share this Meeting With to share the event invitation in a channel
  • You may share the event details personally with anyone via direct message
  • Once you properly specify everything, click on Create.

Smartphone Users

  • Open Slack go to the Home tab
  • Under that tap on Jump to
  • access Google Calendar
  • Tap on Create Event
  • As you did for the web version of Slack, tap on Create to integrate the event into the calendar

So, that’s all about Slack calendar integration and how to create an event using Calendar within Slack. So, to make your events more organized and stay updated regarding all the events try to integrate Google Calendar with Slack.

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