How to Solve Google Play Music not Showing Music Tracks

Anyone who uses a smartphone, definitely at least once in a day listens to music on it. May it be streaming, offline listening people cannot do without listening to songs. Android OS has the default Google Music Play app. Users can use it to stream, download and listen to music offline.

Though it is a useful app, some users have complained that sometimes Play Music doesn’t show the music tracks. It happens for both online streaming and offline listening. While offline, people may see the downloaded tracks missing from the library. In this guide, we will tell you how to solve the issue of Google Play Music not Showing the songs.

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How to Solve Google Play Music not Showing Music Tracks

The troubleshooting is nothing of rocket science. You have to follow some basic workaround and that should necessarily solve the issue with your device.

Restart Your Device

One of the first and most common workarounds is to try rebooting your phone. Simply restart it and then check your Play Music app. Maybe you performed some app updates but did not restart or reopen the app to refresh and integrate the changes.


Update the App

Today, there are multiple options for music streaming/offline listening is available. People tend to keep Google Music Play without installing the latest updates. So, in case you do like this and one fine day wishes to use the Play music, then you may find it buggy running on an older build.

  • So, go to the Play Store.
  • Hit the hamburger button to summon the menu
  • Select My Apps & Games
  • In the list of Apps look for Play music.
  • If there is a new update to be installed do it right away.
  • Then close the app and reopen it.

It should now work fine.

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Are you using the correct Google Account

Most of the Android users have multiple Google accounts. So, check that you are using the correct account. Usually, you may not see the songs that you downloaded from one account if you log in to play music using a second account. So, ensure that you are on the correct account.


Are you Seeing only Downloaded Songs

There is a setting that you need to disable seeing only downloaded tracks. In other words with the settings enabled Google Play Music will show you songs that you downloaded.

  • Open Play Music
  • Tap the Hamburger button
  • Look for the option Downloaded Only. It is disabled by default.
  • In case it’s enabled tap on the toggle to disable it

Deleting NoMedia File

You have to use any file manager app to look for something called no media files in the folder of Play Music. It will not be visible as such in the app or regular folders of the gallery. Once you find it delete it. The presence fo this file may cause the Play Music not to show the songs.

From Which Storage Music should Play

It is important that you set the preference correctly. In case you have music in your external storage, then you have to set the same as the source from which Google Play will play the songs. If you set it as the internal storage, then, of course, you won’t see or listen to any music.


Corrupted Memory Card At Fault

Another common reason why you do not get to listen to your favorite music is having a corrupted SD card on the device. To check the SD card, you can take it out of the phone and try to connect it to your PC. If the SD card is corrupted you won’t see any files on the PC either. So, change the SD card.

Refresh the App

There is an option to refresh the app and its musical content which is present right in the Settings of the Play Music app.

  • Go to Play Music > hit the hamburger button
  • Tap on Settings > Tap on Refresh
  • Close the Apps
  • Reopen Google Play music

Now, check for the songs. They should be available now.

Uninstalling the App

Play Music is a pre-installed application on Android devices. So, by uninstalling, we mean that removing the latest build to back to the factory version.

To do it,

  • Go Play Store > tap on the hamburger button
  • Now select My Apps & Games
  • Navigate to the Installed Tab
  • Under Installed scroll for Google Play Music, tap on it to open it
  • Now you should see an option to uninstall. Tap on it.
    Uninstall Google Play Music


After you’re done uninstalling, re-install the latest build via the available update. Check in the My Apps & Games section. it should prompt you about an available update for the Play music. Install it.

Solve the Sync Issues

This simply means to check whether the Play Music is in sync with your Google account or not.

  • Go to Settings > Accounts & backup
  • Tap on the Google account which you use to log into the Play Music app
  • Select Sync
  • Check the toggle beside Google Play music is enabled or not. If enabled means it is in sync. If not, tap on the toggle to enable it.

Clearing the App Cache

The best way to clear any clutter from the app is to clear the cache. For the Google Play Music, the cache can be cleared from the app and from the device Settings as well.

  • Open Google Play music > Go to Settings
  • Under Settings, scroll down for a Clear Cache option. Tap on it.
    Google Play Music in App Cache Clear

To clear cache from  the device Settings

  • go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps
  • Look for play Music
  • Tap on Data and Storage > Tap on Clear Cache
  • Close the app and then reopen it
    Google Play Music cache clear from Device Settings

So, these were some effective ways to fix the issue of music/songs not available on the Google Play Music app. We hope that you found this guide useful.

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