How to Solve Microsoft Windows Update not Working on your PC

In this guide, we will tell you how to solve the issue of Microsoft Windows Update not working as intended. Software updates help in the smooth running of your PC/Laptop. The major advantage is security from the various vulnerabilities that experts discover every month. So, it should be a second nature to install the official upgrades when they are rolled out. Missing out may lead to a virus or malware situation.

Often people complain that even though they remember to install the updates, the updates won’t take place. Well, there can be several reasons for this. There may be some issue with your internet or the new build itself is buggy. If it’s the latter, you cannot do anything. Perhaps, the developers will notice the issue and retract the update. With this guide, we will tell you how to fix things if there is an issue on your side.?

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How to Solve Microsoft Windows Update not Working

Now, let’s get down into each of the troubleshooting techniques and check what could be causing the Microsoft Windows Update to not install on your PC.

Try Restarting

As with any basic troubleshooting, try to restart your PC. Then check again and try to install the available updates.

  • Hit the Windows Start button > Click Power > Click Restart
    Restart to fix Microsoft Windows Update Issue

That’s it.


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Faulty Internet Connectivity

Poor internet connection is often a major culprit that may cause the updates not getting installed. Usually, the software builds are of a bigger size. So, it requires a seamless internet that works well enough to let the installation happen without any delay.

For, confirming your internet connectivity is at fault or not, you can open any website on Google Chrome(any browser you use). If the website doesn’t load properly or doesn’t load at all, then there is an issue with your internet.

Another way to confirm this is by trying to take a ping test on the Command Prompt. With a ping test, we can check whether we are having stable internet connectivity without any packet loss. We will tell you how to do it.?

  • Type cmd on the Search Box
  • Open the Command Prompt
    open command prompt
  • Type ping
  • Check for the percentage of loss mentioned in the result
    Microsoft Windows Update check for connectivity issue

As you can see above that when I ran the ping test on my PC, there is no loss of packet and the internet connectivity is fine.

Do you have Enough Free Space on your PC to install Microsoft Windows Update.?

On a personal note, I do not like clutter on my PC. The temporary files are a big threat to memory space. So, if the PC hard drive is high on junk files and stuff that you do not use, then make sure to get rid of that. Not having enough free space may cause update download/installation issues. So, let’s solve it as well.

  • Go to Settings(Press Windows + I) > System > Storage
  • You can now see the temporary files present on the C: drive along with other files information
    check fore free storage
  • Let’s say I wish to remove the temporary files. So, I click on Temporary Files
  • Then select the components by clicking on the Checkboxes.
  • Then click on Remove Files.
    delete temporary files

Pause-Resume Updates

This is a simple trick you can try when you are not able to download or install the Microsoft Windows update. try to pause the active download for a while. Then resume it once again.

  • Press Windows + I to launch the Settings
  • Click Update & Security > go to Windows Update
  • Now click on Pause Updates for 7 days
    Pause Microsoft Windows Update
  • Restart you PC/laptop
  • Again to Windows Update from Settings
  • Now you see an option Resume Updates. Click on it

Wait and check whether the updates get downloaded or not. It should work fine now.

So, that’s it, guys. This was a detailed guide about solving the issue of Microsoft Windows Update not getting installed on any PC/Laptop. We hope that this was informative.

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