Sons of the Forest Save File Location – Where exactly is it located?

Endnight Games and Newnight recently published Sons of the Forest video game as an open-world survival horror multiplayer title which is the sequel to the 2014’s video game The Forest. Since its release, the game has already received overwhelmingly positive reviews on the PC version via Steam. Now, if you’re already into this game or interested in it, you might ask Sons of the Forest Save File Location to know where exactly is it located on the PC.

Although the autosave feature comes enabled in the Sons of the Forest game, you should manually keep saving the game progress data as a backup to avoid any kind of issues or errors in the long run. Whereas the multiplayer mode progress always can be tricky when it comes to the game saves. To enjoy your game progress with your friends, you might need to know where all the game saves will be located on the PC. Well, nothing to worry about it because we’ve mentioned the location below.

Sons of the Forest Save File Location - Where exactly is it located?

Sons of the Forest Save File Location – Where exactly is it located?

If in case, you have lost all the saved game data then you should head over to the save file location directly to get the files back into the game menu. The chances are also high that somehow your friend’s game progress data got corrupted or missing unexpectedly. In that scenario, you can easily help your friends by sharing your game saves data and then your friends can join your game and save. Once your friends saved their own game progress data, they can replace the data with their own.

Well, this can be frustrating at times, but it’s a better idea to keep playing the Sons of the Forest game instead of starting the journey again.

  • You’ll need to navigate to the following path on your computer.

C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves

  • Now, select the Multiplayer folder.

Note: If you’ve installed the Sons of the Forest game on a different location on your PC then make sure to visit that specific directory.

How to Back Up Sons of the Forest Save File

Now, if you’re interested in backup the saved game data of the Sons of the Forest game on the PC, you’ll have to do the following steps.

  • Just head over to the game folder > Just copy all the files and folders.
  • Make sure to paste all copied content into a different folder inside another directory.
  • This will save you in difficult times when the in-game saves data becomes missing or corrupted. So, you’ll be able to revert the game saves data easily back to the original directory as mentioned above.

Please Note: However, you might get into some conflicts with the game saves in some cases because Steam uses its own Cloud Saves. But that’s pretty nominal and should not affect you that much. So, you might either overwrite the local copy or the remote copy for the backup data to run the game saves properly. Do keep in mind that changes with cloud saves will be irreversible.

How to Share Sons of the Forest Game Saves Data with Friends

As we’ve already mentioned above, if your friends have issues with the game progress data, you can share game saves data with your friends to help. To do so:

  • Just head over to the Sons of the Forest game saves location on the PC as we’ve mentioned above.
  • Now, copy the PlayerInventorySaveData.json and PlayerStateSaveData.json files > Just send these two files to your friends.
  • As soon as your friends receive the files, ask them to join your game and save it.
  • Once your friends saved their progress and exit the game, ensure to ask them to replace their own PlayerInventorySaveData.json and PlayerStateSaveData.json files with the shared ones by you.
  • Finally, your friends will have to re-join your game and all of their progress should be updated with yours.
  • You’re good to go. Enjoy!

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.


  1. I created a new folder and extracted my bkp. But the game does not appears my save to load. It looks like it does not find the folder.
    It only detect if i REPLACE another save folder. But in my case that i deleted all saves folders, and extracted just the one i want, the game does not shows any save to load =(
    How fix it, please?
    Thank you.

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