Spider-Man Miles Morales All Sound Sample Locations

To get the deep cut trophy in Spider-Man Miles Morales, you need to find a total of ten different sound samples. You will need these sound samples for your uncle. When you collect all the ten sound samples, you will be able to complete your father’s and uncle’s incomplete mix-tape. Further, to find these mixtapes, you need to know their exact location.

Once found, you have to make a recording of these to be utilized later. This guide tells you about the exact locations of the sound samples and about the ways to complete the quests.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Sound Samples

Spider-Man Miles Morales Sound Samples

Before you set to find a solution to the quest, you must keenly analyze the sound you are hunting for. Generally, it is not possible to scan a sound without playing back the sound clip. However, there are certain ways that would omit the need to playback the sound clip to find clues to the solution.

To get a sound sample from a particular object, you need to zoom on to that object by pressing the L2 key. This has to be done while maintaining a specific distance from the object. The minimap shows the exact location to stand at while you zoom on to an object. The minimap is generally present at the bottom right corner of the screen.

As mentioned above, there are a total of ten sound samples in Spider-Man Miles Morales. The first sound sample is a part of the story. The rest of the samples are unlocked later in the game. If you cannot get the sound samples during the story, these would still be available later. You can get one sound sample in each district.


Following is the list of all the sound samples, describing how and where to get these.

Sound Sample #1 – Story Mission “Breaking Through the Noise”

This sound sample does not require any hard work. It is a part of the story and will be collected automatically. You cannot miss this sound sample. It is a must to collect, to advance in the game. You can collect this sample when the story explains the working of the Sound Samples.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Sound Samples

At this point in time, you will able to locate on the right side a red buoy in the water. When you scan this buoy in water, all the Sound Samples will get marked on the map.


Sound Sample #2 – Harlem

Go to the basketball court in the search area of the sound sample. After climbing its fence, scan the train station. Don’t get further close to the train station.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Sound Samples

Sound Sample #3 – Upper East Side

In the search area of sound sample 3, go to the water tower. You will find some icicles under the tower that you have to scan for collecting Sound Sample #3.



Spider-Man Miles Morales Sound Samples

Sound Sample #4 – Central Park

Collecting this sound sample requires you to be more cautious. In the search area, you will find Pigeons which you have to scan. However, you have to take care that the Pigeons do not notice you. Otherwise, they will fly away. The best option for you is to use a Camouflage.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Sound Samples

If you fail to scan the Pigeons in the first turn, then get out of this area. Go a few hundred meters away and come back again. This way, you can trigger the Audio Sample Challenge again.

Sound Sample #5 – Upper West Side

In the search area of this Sound Sample, go to the garage of the fire station. Here you will find a truck that you have to scan.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Sound Samples

Sound Sample #6 – Midtown

Go to Times Square. Then scan the side of the antenna.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Sound Samples

Sound Sample #7 – Greenwich

Go to the clock tower that holds the clock. This would be in the church area. You need to scan this clock tower from a safe distance. The minimap will guide you regarding the exact point where you should stand.

Sound Sample #8 – Chinatown

Go to the Chinese gate. Here you will find the wind chimes that you have to scan for collecting Sound Sample #8.

Sound Sample #9 – Financial District

You can get this Sound Sample from the ferry on the water. Scan it from a correct distance. Use the minimap to find the correct location to stand at. By this time, you will earn the Deep Cuts trophy.

Spider-Man Miles Morales Sound Samples

Sound Sample #10  – Side Mission “Back at the Beginning”

Sound Sample #10 is a side mission that is unlocked by gaining the first nine Sound Samples. This is a quick mission in Harlem. Back at the Beginning requires you to go to the mission marker and enter the hideout. There open the locker and get Purple Reign Suit Outfit as a reward.

By collecting all the 10 Sound Samples of the  Spiderman Miles Morales, you will complete the quest to win the Deep Cuts trophy and will win rewards. For more gaming updates, subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Also, check out our Gaming GuidesWindows GuidesSocial Media GuidesiPhone, and Android Guides to know more.

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