How to Get Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley

Fire Quartz is counted as one of the rare materials found in Stardew Valley, well-liked by most of the villagers. Fire Quartz is a red crystal and is valuable in two ways. First, you can sell them at good prices, second even they offer a huge collection of recipes. You will find it hard to find because there is no certain fixed location to get them. However, you can go through this guide to find all your required Fire Quartz.

Fire Quartz is a mineral that can be sold for 130 gram at the Gemologist, and it sells for 100 gram at ordinary shops. Further, by smelting one Fire Quartz you can, you can obtain three Refined Quartz. But Refined Quartz sells only for 50 gram. However, selling all of the three collections will gain you 150 grams. Fire Quartz is also used to gain affection, give this mineral to villagers, and observe their affection growth for you.

How to Get Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley

How to Get Fire Quartz in Stardew Valley

There are a number of routes that can take you to Fire Quartz. However, the simplest route that will guide you to the Fire Quartz is to get down to the mine’s deepest level in Stardew Valley. But you need to get to level 80 because after reaching level 80, possibilities increases for finding the Fire Quartz. You may get them on the floor, or you can search for them after collecting Omni Geodes or Magma. Further, both of them can get you Fire Quartz as well.

Alternatively, you can look in the big as well as small water bodies for Fire Quartz. However, the chances of getting these fire quartz are great while searching in the mines, although fishing may also get you the same quartz if you’re the lucky one.

Jump into the water body and wish that you pick up a treasure chest underwater. You can also try filtration in order to separate out the mineral. However, you will unlock this ability only if you have moved the boulder from the entrance of the cage.

Although, above all methods are working and will give you the rarest item. However, getting into the depth of the mine and searching on the floor for the Fire Quartz is the best way found yet.

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