Fix: Starfield Operation Starseed Quest Bug

Operation Starseed Quest is one of the most challenging tasks in Starfield that can help you level up your character. If you pay attention to the game environment, you will realize how important this quest is for you. Completing this quest will reward you with around 6000 credits, which is sufficient to purchase new weapons, armor, or any other item you need. Furthermore, you will also receive some benefits such as 300 Experience Points, the ability to obtain special loot, and a companion in the form of Amelia Earhart.

From the launch, the quest was not so discoverable but now the time has passed as players are reaching out to new quests. Among them, Operation Starseed is one that players have reached today but alongside the excitement to complete this quest, they are facing issues. Actually, some Starfield players are getting bugs with this quest, to be specific there are numerous bugs players are getting today like the Ghengis dialog box not appearing error and many more. So, let’s discuss and fix those issues.

Fix: Starfield Operation Starseed Quest Bug

Fix: Starfield Operation Starseed Quest Bug

Being a new game to the industry, there is a very rare chance that players get any issues. But it happens probably like here with Operation Starseed Quest players getting issues. As we already said, the Operation Starseed quest has plenty of benefits ranging from free credits to experience points. Getting this note down, if any player loses the capability to complete this quest it hurts a lot. Because at present the same problem happening with numerous users. As reported by players, Starfield is showing multiple bugs over the Operation Starseed quest.

To be Specific, those bugs are Genghis’s Dialog box not appearing, the door to Franklin’s house being closed, the quest marker appearing inside Franklin’s house, and also a few minor bugs. Realizing these errors, we tried to look for any acknowledgment from the developer’s end. But we can’t find any response from them. On that note, we tried to look for what could be the potential cause behind this bug. Fortunately, we have a few fixes that you can try to solve the bug at least on a temporary basis. So, let’s have an overview of it.

Reload the most recent checkpoint

When you switch to the previous checkpoint, this thing helps you to get onto the previous run. The bug is consistent with the present checkpoint and ultimately stops players from figuring it out. But when you reload the most recent checkpoint that was working properly without any bug. And so on after getting to this main Operation Starseed Quest, you will see the game and the quest both are working effectively without any error.

Use the Console Command

This fix helps you to force the In-game programming to showcase the error and fix it. Simply, use the “Kah” command so that Kill all enemies in the area In that way the quest will run, but unfortunately here you might lose some NPCs too. But this would help you to at least complete the quest and lose the struggle with Operation Starseed Quest bugs.

Wait on your Ship

See if your NPC’s turning hostile creating here issue then you should wait for some more time on your ship. I agree this seems like a boring fix. But players have proved this fix as a great solution to Operation Starseed Quest. To be specific, Wait on your ship for around 1 hour and resume your gameplay as after that the gameplay will start Bugg including the quests.

Update your Game

There might be a possibility that the game version you are currently using is outdated. See developers have not made any announcement for fixing the bug. Also, they have not made any response which means, it might be possible developers have Initiated a new version update for Starfield. So, you should look for Starfield’s latest version and update the game to that one.

Besides that, there are more things you can try here to fix the bug. These are restarting your computer, disabling any mods that you are using, and above all raising a help request to Bethesda Support. In this way, you will get out of the trap of Operation Starseed Quest. However, if someone getting the door locked issue here then along with the above fixes you can try the command “TCL” to toggle noclip on. So, that even this bug can also be fixed, now I hope you got everything about it. If still any user has a query then ask them below.

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