How to Install Stock Firmware on Xduoo X3 Portable Audio Player

Xduoo X3 is a High-fidelity digital portable music player that has a very well built quality and aluminum body gives it a sturdy look & feel. The xDuoo X3 supports most of the audio formats like DSD, FLAC, APE, WAV, AIFF, ALAC ACC, WMA, MP3, and more. It also has an OLED display, dual TF/Micro SD card slots, etc and most importantly it’s a pocket-friendly device. If you’re an Xduoo X3 music player user then you can download and install the stock firmware on Xduoo X3 Portable Audio Player

This audio player supports up to 24 Bit/192 kHz HD sampling rate and the music lovers won’t get disappointed with it. The dual expandable storage option will also ensure that you will never run out of the storage space easily. It has DSD mode, volume up/down, power, prev/next buttons as well. It can possible that your music player gets corrupted or won’t turn on or gets stuck due to software-related issues. That’s why we’ve provided the download link and the Stock ROM installation steps below.

How to Install Stock Firmware on Xduoo X3 Portable Audio Player

Firmware Details and Changelog: V1.1

  • File Name: Xduoo X3 Firmware-V1.1
  • File Size: 24.3 MB
  • Firmware Image: / ubifs_rootfs_carina.img
  • Release Date: 2019.12.11


  • Now can support to play DSF format file.
  • Now can automatically play the next CUE file after finish playing the last CUE file.
  • Upgraded the Main menu UI.
  • Bugfix: The device shuts down automatically when it shows there are still 2 spots of power.
  • Bugfix: Now after the device is fully charged, there will be an image on the screen shows the fully charged status. (Screensaver still working when charging, the screen will shut down automatically, please press any buttons to wake the screen.)
  • Speed up the rewind and fast forward function.
  • Increase function: Now can press HOME/BACK(ESC in the old version)button to go back to Main Menu interface directly.
  • Now can show the singer’s name in the song name display bar, if the singer’s name is included in the ID3, then it will be displayed by scrolling. If the singer’s name is not included, then it doesn’t show out.

Firmware Download Link:


GetDroidTips don’t encourage you to do something wrong with your device. If you don’t know what you’re doing, then don’t proceed. We won’t be responsible for any error or damage to your device. Do this at your own risk.

Steps to Install Stock Firmware on Xduoo X3 Portable Audio Player

  1. Copy the “update” .rar file into the SD card (Make sure to keep the SD card format in FAT32).
  2. Power on the music player and press the BACK/ESC button to enter into the main menu.
  3. Then press the PREV/NEXT button to find the “System Settings”.
  4. Next, press ENTER to get into it and find “Firmware Upgrade”.
  5. Finally, press ENTER and your device firmware version will be upgraded successfully.
  6. That’s it. Enjoy!

Instructions After Update

After upgrading or installing the device software, the default language will be English. Check out the below instructions to change the language, if you want.

  • Press the BACK/HOME button to enter into the menu > press the PREV/NEXT button to find the “Settings” menu.
  • Then press the ENTER button > select “Language” > press ENTER.
  • Choose the preferred language and press ENTER.
  • You’re done.


  1. You will need to reboot the device in order to rescan the files on the SD card. Just remove and reinsert the SD card to rescan all the files automatically.
  2. Alternatively, you can go to the “System Settings” > “Update Media Lib” to rescan the SD card.
  3. After the update, you can go to the “System Settings” > “System Information” to check the software version.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you and you’ve updated or installed the latest firmware on your Xduoo X3 Portable Audio Player successfully.

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