How to Fix Stuck on COD Warzone Registering for activision screen?

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale video game released on March 10, 2020, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game is a part of the 2019 title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but doesn’t actually require the purchase of it since Warzone is a free to play version. Starting the game, you enter into a bloody battlefield, where you’ll scavenge for weapons and tools, struggle and fight to be the last man standing.

After the game’s launch, there has been a lot of critics stating a problem with registering for an Activision account in-game. After the details are all entered down, and you go about clicking theĀ Register button, it just keeps on processing for hours and hours. You basically just get stuck at the “Registering for Activision” screen, and you can’t get past it no matter how long you look into it and wait. Hence, we have come up with potential fixes to the issue since the developers haven’t yet officially announced anything concerning the issue. So without further ado, let see how to fix being stuck on COD: Warzone “Registering for Activision” screen.

How to Fix Stuck on COD Warzone Registering for activision screen?

Steps to Fix Being Stuck on COD Warzone Registering for Activision screen

Follow our step by step guide to fix the game launch problem with Call of Duty Warzone Registering for Activision screen

1. Restart the Game

Restarting the game will help you counter the problem if the issue exists with the game server or if any of its files go corrupt. In contrast, this happens mostly because the game is struggling to access the right data, create data if necessary, render the codes, etc. This basically leads to the corruption of the game data, resulting in bugs and crashes, in our case, not getting past the “Registering for Activision” screen.

2. Restart the computer

If the above method doesn’t work for you, then your RAM might be causing you trouble. You open and close so many apps and tabs countless times. So it’s normal that the RAM management of your system is going to struggle to take any more load. Restarting your computer will free up the RAM, kill any bugs, and lets you start fresh again. So at times, there might be something bugging up in your system. You can terminate this by restarting your device, which will kill all active apps and anything that’s interfering with your activities.

3. Update Graphics drivers

If we’re talking about games, we’ll have to give notable mentions to our system’s graphics at some point in time. The graphic drivers are important; they help to render games according to what level of attention the games are demanding from the system’s graphics. Provided that we’re stuck on the “Registering for Activision” screen, the problem might be that your system doesn’t know how to render the graphics yet to come to the screen. In this instance, it is highly likely that your graphics drivers are due for an update. Check for this update and install it. If this isn’t the problem, move on.

4. Check for Windows Update

Update your Operating System if the problem still persists. This is only a precautionary step before we move on to the next one. But you might be stuck on the “Registering for Activision” screen because your Operating System is going all messy. This happens if you’re running on an older version of OS, so update to the latest version of the Operating System.

5. Reinstall Game

Be advised; doing this will remove the game from your system. If none of the above methods are doing the job for you, then this is the last and only fix you go with. If that’s the case, then your source data for CoD: Warzone might be corrupted. To fix this, the only thing you can do is to uninstall and install the game again. But be aware that uninstalling the game erases any of its data and the COD: Warzone as a whole will be removed from your system. Like already mentioned, if none of the above fixes are working for you, then this is potentially the last thing you can do to eliminate the problem.

With the game hitting more than a million systems in just a matter of days, the latter issue is frustrating for the majority of the users. Since Activision hasn’t yet officially shown up with the definite cause of this problem, we are uncertain about deducting what raises the issue. Also, please bear in mind to reinstall the game only as of the last resort, if none of the first four fixes are working for you. Good luck and happy gaming!


  1. Wouldn’t it easier and more common sense to just register for an Activision account in a web browser out of the game, and log into it from the game?

  2. Listen, if you had your computer running all night for this download.
    You might want to consider giving it a break.

  3. reinstall does not work for me.

    Go to the web and make sure your activision account is linked with your account.

  4. what do you mean just redownload the game, like wtf how does that help, “just download 90gb worth of content again” stfu useless

    1. Sometime you may have to redownload the complete game to fix this issue/. I know it sucks to download the complete files again. It happened to me.

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