How to Install Substratum Theming APK for Android 10, Android 9.0 and lower version

Android OS is heaven for customization. Themeing is a major aspect of customizing Android smartphones. Almost all of us play around with various themes and apply them to our smartphones. Theming became more prominent with the introduction of Substratum theme packs. Now, Substratum has brought support for the all-new Android 10 as well. In this guide, we will tell you how to install the Substratum Theming APK for Android 10. The app will naturally support devices running on previous Android versions like v9.0 Pie and other lower versions.

We must mention here that Substratum theming APK for android 10 will work only on a rooted device. In case you want you can check out our complete guide on how to root an Android device. The Substratum theme we are talking about goes by the name of Liv Dark theme. Though Android 10 comes with built-in theming options, the scope of customization on AndroidOS is abundant. Besides, Substratum has a reputation for cool themes, so enthusiasts await for specific AndroidOS based themes from the Substratum Developers.

Download Substratum Theming APK for Android 10

Basically, you need to install the Substratum Theme Engine first of all. You may be a beta user of the App. Otherwise, you can also install the Substratum lite. The Liv Dark theme is not free-to-use. It costs INR 150 ($2).  We have put the Play Store download link for all the required.

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In order to use the Substratum Theme Engine and all the related themes, you will need a rooted device.

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In case you wanted to know what experience does the Android 10 based- Substratum Theming APK  brings, then check these images out.

Substratum Theming APK for Android 10

Substratum Theming APK for Android 10 Substratum Theming APK for Android 10


Android 10 brings the option for system-wide dark mode. So, naturally, the themers are coming up with customization based on the dark environment. If you like tweaking themes on your Android device, then try out the Substratum Theming APK for Android 10 and previous AndroidOS versions.

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