What Happen To Taylordle Game? Why Is it Discontinued?

Taylordle is another famous game that is similar to Wordle. As everyone is coming up with their own ideas, the Taylordle is also different from Wordle. The Taylordle is an online word puzzle game based on Taylor Swift. Those users who love Taylor Swift will love this game surely.

This game is very tricky like the other online word puzzle game. However, sometimes it also gets hard for the fan of Taylor Swift to guess the correct word. After it, the users start searching for the solution to the Taylordle Game. But sadly, users are not searching because the Taylordle game has been discontinued. We are here with the article where we will tell you why the Taylordle game was discontinued, along with the best alternatives to it.


What is Taylordle Game?

The Taylordle is an online word puzzle game that is based on Taylor Swift. This was made with inspiration taken from Wordle. You will find the game very similar to it. In Taylordle, you have to guess the word which will be based on Taylor Swift. So, if you are the one who loves Taylor Swift, then you will surely love this game.

In the Taylordle Game, you have to guess the word which is connected with Taylor Swift. You have to guess the word within six attempts. So, do this before the 6th attempt to get much higher points in the game.

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Why was Taylordle Word Game Discontinued?

It is sad for the fans to know that the Taylordle game has been discontinued due to some reasons. A lot of fans use to play the game for hours by visiting the Taylordle website. However, when the users were trying to visit the website then it is redirecting to another website that is taking funding for Texas Women’s reproductive rights. Taylor Swift also tweeted in response to the legal reform granting women the freedom to have abortions.

As the Taylordle game is unavailable as of now, but it can return after some time. However, no announcements are made by the Taylordle game’s owner. So, we have to wait for that.

What is the Answer Taylordle Today?

A lot of users are searching for the answer to the game. But as we have mentioned that it was discontinued due to some reason. So, you will be not able to find today’s answer to the game. As the game was discontinued on 31 May, so we have the answer for the same. So, the word for 31 May was GORGEOUS. It was one of the songs that were released by Taylor Swift in 2017.

What is the Alternative Game to Taylordle?

There are a lot of alternatives available to the game. You will be easily able to find them by searching on the internet.

This was all for this article. We hope you have got all the answers related to the game and why it was discontinued. If you have any doubts, please let us know in the comment section below.

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