What is Sedecordle game? Where and How to Play Sedecordle?

Recently, Wordle has become less popular than its launch; people are playing way more fun alternatives, such as Abdsurdle, Quordle, Nerdle, and so on. One game that competes with Wordle right now is the game known as ‘Sedecordle.’

In 2021, an online game that goes by the name ‘Wordle’ took over the popularity of word guessing games by introducing a daily challenge where one has to guess a meaningful 5-letter word by inserting letters. The player has 6 tries to guess the word right; if they fail to do so, then they will have to try to guess a different word the next day as they have failed the challenge for that particular day.

Sedecordle has seen a huge rise in popularity due to it having more tries and a bit of twist. The player has to instead guess 16 words, with a total of 21 tries allotted to them. However, Sedecordle is not an easy game. In this article, we shall see what Sedecordle is in detail, where and how to play it, some rules, and tips to master this popular online word guessing game; let us dive deep into the information.

What is Sedecordle game Where and How to Play Sedecordle

What is Sedecordle?

Since we briefly discussed Sedecordle in the introduction of this article, we shall now explain it in a bit more detail. Sedecordle is currently in version 1.3a, which means it has been out for quite some time with many changes to make it more user-friendly. Sedecordle is a word-guessing game developed by Kenneth Crawford. 

The player has to guess 16 words simultaneously with a limit of 21 guesses for a meaningful 5-letter word. If you are looking for something more challenging when compared to Wordle, then Sedecordle is the game for you!

The player can choose to do daily challenges or practice via the free mode, which lets the player play anytime they want to improve their guessing skills for the next upcoming daily challenge.

Sedecordle Game website - http://sedecordle.com

Where and How to play Sedecordle?

Sedecordle can be played on their official website (link given above). As soon as one opens the link, they are greeted with a screen of the game where they are allowed to choose from different game modes available; there are currently 4 different game modes available; they are –

  • Daily Sedecordle
  • Free Sedecordle
  • Daily Sedec-order
  • Free Sedec-order

Playing Sedecordle is very simple; follow the article thoroughly to get a hold of the basic gameplay. We will also mention some rules to avoid mistakes and make the playing experience smooth. Since we will demonstrate the game to you, we will use the Free Sedecordle game mode.

  • Choose the Free Sedecordle game mode or any mode you wish to play since all the modes follow the same procedure.

  • The player is then greeted with a screen as such, we shall explain what each of these buttons does when pressed.

Sedecordle indicators for the game

  1. If the letter is highlighted Green, it means that the letter is in the correct position for the word.
  2. If the letter is highlighted Yellow, it means that the letter guessed is correct but does not belong in the respective position.
  3. If the letter is highlighted Gray, it means that the letter guessed is wrong and does not belong to the word at all.
  4. All meaningless words will turn Red and shall be erased, they do not count towards the number of tries.

Rules to understand Sedecordle better

Rules for Sedecordle are pretty simple to follow, they are –

  1. Sixteen words that are 5 letters each.
  2. 21 Guesses or tries only.
  3. Correct letters become Green.
  4. Correct letters but the wrong position become Yellow.
  5. Wrong letters become Gray.
  6. Meaningless words turn Red and erase.
  7. Repetition of letters is allowed.
  8. Words can have the same 2 letters.

Some tips to master Sedecordle

  1. Avoid repeating grayed-out letters, they will only waste your guesses thus failing to finish the puzzle.
  2. Be strong at picking out meaningful 5-letter words, it increases your vocabulary indirectly.
  3. Continue practicing using the ‘Free Sedecordle’ game mode after playing the ‘Daily Sedecordle’ game mode to keep in touch with the rules and make yourself a better thinker.
  4. Take your own time to guess words as there is no time limit. Recheck all the 16 words every time you enter a word to get all 16 words right.
  5. You can try other games such as Wordle, Tridle, Quordle, and Octordle to make Sedecordle easier.

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