The Different Online Slots for Android Phones

The evolution of online slots has been nothing but spectacular over the last few years. The most popular game at online casinos, they are also the easiest to play on mobiles. Moreover, the freedom, that comes with online casinos, to enjoy slots from anywhere, makes them the perfect entertainment escape whenever you are on the move and in the mood to make some extra earnings. 

Slots have a universal appeal to them and the fact that you can play them without overthinking, unlike card games, makes them all the more favorable. Known under different names around the world, online pokies come in various formats to provide gamblers with the complete package that includes brilliant graphics, sounds, high winning probabilities, and entertainment options.  

However, before you set off on playing slots, remember to choose your online casinos wisely and pick up the welcome bonuses that they offer to new customers. The free spins and cash put you in the lead from the start and give you that extra edge to help you win big. 

Fruit Machines

Nostalgia and ease of playing make the classic fruit machines still popular with online slot lovers. While the graphics have improved tremendously, at the heart of it, the fruit machines are the same as you would have played at any land-casino or arcade previously. When it comes to playing the fruit machines, there are no restrictions online that one might face in the real world. Thus, they are a quick respite whenever you need to take a moment and just have fun.  

Progressive Jackpots

Most life-changing slot wins are in some way associated with progressive jackpots. These slots take a little percentage of each bet you make and put it in the total prize available to everyone who is playing the game. The numbers typically run into the millions, and in the end, all it takes is one spin to win it all. Often a part of the best online slot lists, progressive slots like Mega Moolah is responsible for some of the biggest online wins ever. The good thing about progressive slots is that even if you don’t hit the jackpot, the payouts are really profitable and frequent. 

Theme-based Slots

If there is one type of online slot that has revolutionized the whole industry, it is the theme-based games. Online casinos and software manufacturers have been able to collaborate with celebrities in the movie and music business to give their gambling fans with something unique. Theme-based slots are genre-specific and consist of games that revolve around a particular singer or movie. From the Tomb Rader, Game of Thrones, and Battleship Galactica to Guns ‘n’ Roses and the vampire inspired Immortal Romance, there now exists so many opportunities to enjoy your favorite stars while playing online pokies.   

Video Slots

Video slots are generally a part of the theme-based slots. They include videos and music that add to the experience of playing the game. These videos can be short clips of singers performing or critical scenes from classic movies that pop up on your screen when you win something. Featuring top-of-the-line graphics, video slots are the ultimate way to relish making money from slots.

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