The Last of Us 2: All Safe Locations

There are a total of 15 safes in The Last of Us Part 2. The players need to locate and find the code combinations of the safe in order to access the inside loots and equipment. So in this guide, we have included all the safe locations that will come handy for the players looking out for the same.

 The Last of Us Part 2 is one of the best and highly acclaimed games of this year. So without wasting any time, let’s directly jump in.

The Last of Us Part 2: All Safe Locations

The safes are present at different locations and tagged with different names. The location of all the safe places is discussed below.

The Patrol Safe

The Last of Us 2: All Safe Locations

When you clear the first bunch of infected people along with Dina, you will get a note. The note will read, “Yo, Kristen – left the real shit in the safe for you. The combo is the date my good boy got Employee of the Month. Don’t fucking sell them or give them away. That’s for your back, alright? Feel better – Mina.”

The Bank Vault Safe

The Last of Us 2: All Safe Locations


The players can find the Bank Vault Safe very easily. Head to the south of Seattle Downtown hub area. Players discover this safe on Day 1 in Seattle. This bank would showcase a failed money heist. When you make way towards the safety deposit box room, you will find a gate to the left. This room contains the safe. 

The Gate Safe 

The Last of Us 2: All Safe Locations

When you are near the fence of Downtown at Madison Square, you will find the next safe. This will probably be in the fifth or the sixth of the game of the Seattle Day 1. This safe is very easy to miss, so be vigilant. The clue to the safe will also be present nearby. 

The Courthouse Safe Code

The Last of Us 2: All Safe Locations

The Courthouse Safe Code will also be present in Day 1 od the Seattle Chapter. It will be present in Downtown. The safe is hidden safely in the courthouse. You will have to find out the courthouse first. Most of the players miss this safe, so be prepared to search everywhere possible. Just as you go down in the parking garage, you will see the safe beneath a window under the desk, which is kept there. The clue will be the environmental condition. 

The Shop Safe

The Last of Us 2: All Safe Locations

As you might have already guessed, this one will move one chapter ahead of Day 1 of Seattle. Now we move to the Capitol Hill Chapter. There will be tripwires to the explosives. These explosives will be present in—a thrift shop near a gym. Go to the Bizarrebra Trading Card; you will find the safe just the way back. There will be two clues for the safe combination present there itself.

The Door

This one is not safe. Instead, it is the door of a locker room. The place of encounter with Shamblers will also contain the break room. Shamblers is a new infection kind introduced in the Second Part of The Last of Us. This safe is the terminal safe for the Day 1 of Seattle. 

The Workshop Safe

The Last of Us 2: All Safe Locations

On the second day of Seattle, you will be entering a new small town named Hillcrest. There will be a lot of stores and shops in the town of Hillcrest. Look out for the tattoo parlor. This shop will be present adjacent to the bike shop. Go inside the building. There will be another small building inside this building. Inside this little building, you will notice a dumpster tagged on a door. Go inside, and you will find the safe. Be careful of the infected when you are on the search for this safe. 

The Wedding Safe

The Last of Us 2: All Safe Locations


This safe comes in much later in the game. When it is dusk, you will reach Seraphites. Go to the route number 5 on the way to the hospital. You will find a gate. You will not be able to keep this gate ajar. Use the dumpster for help. Search for an apartment nearby which contains a truck. Climb to the second floor. Smash the window and gain access to the studio. The safe will be present inside the bedroom. The brown colored door will lead you to the bedroom of the apartment. The clue will be in the evacuation letter current on the table.

The Pharmacy Safe

The Last of Us 2: All Safe Locations

When you reach the Merci building, drop into the pool and reach the other side of the path. You will find the pharmacy safe. This safe is named Weston’s. Your clue will be present in the pharmacy note.

The Boat Safe

This safe will be seen on the third day of the Seattle chapter. When you get access to the speedboat, leave the mall-like area, and proceed to the place where you will drive the boat into a building. There will be a gate blocking your way. Look out for the caged area, and you will find the safe. 

The Softdrink Corporation Safe 

The Last of Us 2: All Safe Locations

Most often, the players locate this safe’s combination before the safe. You will reach a hardware store during the Day 1 of Abby’s Seattle Day. When you go through it, you will find a boat repair shop. Pass the boat repair shop and enter the next. Smash the window to gain access to the trailer. Locate the Indiana Coin. There’s your combination. The safe is present in the concrete building. This building is on the other side of the pathway. Approach the building with the help of the hole in the wall and drop in the trainyard when you plan to go. 

The Chinatown Safe [Jasmine Bakery]

This safe can be found in Abby’s section, next to the double-barrel shotgun. Gain access to the adjacent bakery by smashing the glass. You will get you safely. 

The Ship Safe

This safe will be found in the Abby’s Seattle Day 1. After embarking on the crashed ship, head to the sundeck. Go to the left of the stairs to the top. Reach the rear of the boat. There you go, you have your safety.

The Apartment Safe

When you go across the highway after climbing the rapids present in the Abby’s Seattle Day 2, you will go down to another apartment. This apartment will have the safe as well as the Neighbor Exchange collectible.

The Gym Safe

The Last of Us 2: All Safe Locations

The last safe will be found in the Abby’s Seattle Day 2. The skyscraper will be densely filled with the infected. Find your way to the hospital. Near the entrance of the gym, there will be a desk. Next to this desk, there will be a storage room. The safe will be present in the storage room. 

Once you find this safe, you would have finished all the safes. Enjoy the game, and you need not look for safes anymore. So that’s all from us. We hope this guide helps you find all safe locations in the game. Until then, check out our Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media, iPhone Tricks, and Android Tricks for more guides. Subscribing to our YouTube Channel will help you win the $150 giveaway contest. If you have any doubts or feedback, comment down below with your name along with the e-mail ID, and we will reply shortly. Thank you.

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