Fix: Tineco Floor One S3 Not Suctioning

Tineco is a famous brand when it comes to home appliance products. They have made their presence with their good quality vacuum cleaners. The Tineco Floor One S3 is one of the most selling products of the company.

Users are happy with the performance of the vacuum cleaner. Some users have reported that they are facing an issue with their vacuum cleaners. They have reported that their vacuum cleaner is not cleaning the floor properly, which might be due to its suctioning issue. As the users were searching for methods to fix this issue. We are here with the guide where we will share the methods that how you can fix this issue.

Tineco Floor One S3

Why My Tineco Vacuum Cleaner is Not Cleaning Properly?

The Tineco vacuum cleaner users are facing the issue while cleaning their homes or office. They are seeing that their vacuum cleaner cannot clean the floors. It is because the suctioning function of the vacuum cleaner is not working properly, resulting in this issue. Therefore, we are here for the reasons you can face this issue.

  • Your vacuum cleaner battery level is low.
  • The vacuum cleaner might have a faulty battery.
  • The battery is not installed properly.
  • The charging cable is not working.
  • There might be some software issues.
  • Your vacuum cleaner is facing some hardware issues.

How To Fix Tineco Vacuum Cleaner Not Cleaning Properly?

As we have already mentioned the reasons through which you can face this issue. Now, it’s time for the methods to fix this issue. Below are the methods through which you can fix this issue easily.

Try Restarting the Vacuum Cleaner

Restarting your cleaner is one of the first steps that you should try. By restarting, you will be able to solve the minor startup issues that might be occurring to your vacuum cleaner. It will also start the hardware component that might not have started properly in the previous boot. We will suggest that you should perform this to check whether the issue has been resolved by this or not.

Check The Battery Level

The Tineco Floor works by using the battery. So, it is necessary that you should fully charge your vacuum cleaner’s battery in order to avoid this type of issue. You might know that the suctioning power will purely depend on the battery power that is in the cleaner. Therefore, make sure that you have fully charged your vacuum cleaner to resolve this issue.

We will suggest that you should check the charging cable and port of the vacuum cleaner that whether they are working properly or not. If the charging cable or port is damaged, then you will have to replace it with a new one. While you are checking the charging cable and ports then make sure that they are in working condition, and will be able to charge the battery properly.

Check Whether The Battery is Installed Properly or Not

This might be the other reason why you are facing the issue. If your vacuum cleaner batteries are not installed properly then you will be facing this issue. We will suggest that you should check whether the batteries that are in your vacuum cleaner are installed correctly or not. In case, if the battery is not installed properly then use the manual guide to install it properly.

Check For Faulty Battery

There are possibilities that your vacuum cleaner might have some faulty battery which is resulting in this issue. Many users have reported that they have replaced the batteries of their vacuum cleaners with new ones to fix this issue. If you are also using the same battery for more than its battery life then we will suggest that it is time to replace it. You know that the vacuum cleaner is fully dependable on the batteries, and if it will not get proper power then its suctioning functioning will not work correctly. Therefore, evaluate your vacuum cleaner battery and if there are any issues with them, then you need to replace it.

Use Tineco AppĀ 

You can use the app to assess the vacuum cleaner reports. By using the app, you will be able to analyze the performance of the vacuum cleaner. You can use the performance monitoring feature to check when the vacuum cleaner’s performance started to decline. After analyzing the reports of the vacuum cleaner, you can try to fix that issue or visit the service center to get it fixed.

Visit Service Center

There are possibilities that the suctioning function might not be working due to internal hardware problems. In this case, you will be not able to do anything, so, you will have to visit the service center. In this case, we will suggest that even after following the methods that we have mentioned, if the issue is still persisting, then it will be good to visit the service center. You can get your vacuum cleaner easily repaired in the Tineco service center.


This was all for this guide, we have mentioned all the methods through which you can try fixing the issue. In case, if you have fixed the issue with any other method then do share it with us in the comment section below.

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