Tineco Floor One S3 Not Working, How to Fix?

Tineco Floor One S3 is one of the famous vacuum cleaners by Tineco. They have made their presence in the market for home & office products. The Floor One S3 comes with a lot of features. It will be great for your home or office cleaning with great suction power.

Tineco has focused on the quality of its vacuum cleaner so that it can run for the long term without any issues. Users are also happy with the product, whereas some face issues with their Tineco vacuum cleaner. They have reported that their vacuum cleaner is not running properly, due to which they are facing issues in cleaning the floor. Therefore, users are searching for different fixes to resolve this issue at home without the hassle of visiting the service center. So, we will tell you how can you fix this issue.

Tineco Floor One S3 Not Working, How to Fix?

Why are you facing this issue with your Vacuum Cleaner?

This issue might occur due to certain reasons. We will try to explain all the common reasons for this. So, check out the reasons which are listed below.

  • You have not set up the vacuum cleaner properly.
  • The vacuum cleaner is not charged.
  • There might be some hardware issues with the vacuum cleaner.
  • The vacuum cleaner might have a faulty battery.
  • Something might have stuck in the self-cleaning rollers.

How To Fix Tineco Vaccum Cleaner Not Working Properly?

We have listed why you can face this issue with your vacuum cleaner. So, we are here with methods by which you can try to fix your Tineco Floor vacuum cleaner easily.

Try Restarting the Vacuum Cleaner

The first thing that you should do is restart your vacuum cleaner. We suggest this because by restarting, you will be able to solve the minor startup issues that might be occurring to the vacuum cleaner. So, if any hardware component that might not have started properly will be loaded correctly, you will be able to solve the issue.

Check Whether The Battery is Installed Properly or Not

This is the other reason by which you can face this issue. Yes, if the battery is not installed properly, this will lead to the not working of the vacuum cleaner. So, we suggest you check whether the battery has been installed correctly on your vacuum cleaner. If it is not installed properly, use the manual guide you have in the box to install the battery properly.

Check For Faulty Battery

There are possibilities that the vacuum cleaner will not run properly if it has a faulty battery. Yes, the faulty battery issue will lead to the not working of the vacuum cleaner. It is because you might have charged that faulty battery which might not be able to provide the proper power to the vacuum cleaner. Due to this, you might be unable to use the Tineco vacuum cleaner. So, we will suggest you check whether the battery is in good condition or not. If it is not, then replace it with a new one.

Check The Self-Cleaning Rollers 

The other thing that you can do is to check for the cleaning rollers. There are possibilities that some particles might have stuck within the cleaning rollers or in the suction pipe, due to which it is not working properly. So, we suggest you check that part of the vacuum cleaner and make sure that it is clear and no objects are stuck.

Use The App To Analyze The Problem

The other thing you can do is to use the app to analyze the report of the issue. The app provides different analytics to easily analyze the cause of the problem. So, check the real-time performance monitoring, cleaning reports, battery usage, and other things to check the cause of the issue. By this, you can analyze the report and check from when the vacuum cleaner started to not work properly, and its performance started to decline. After analyzing, try to fix that issue or visit the service center to get it fixed.

Contact Customer Support

If you cannot fix the issue through the methods, we have mentioned. Then, you have to visit the service center to get it fixed. As the issue might also occur due to internal hardware failures. So, in this case, you have to visit the service center.


We have tried to explain the cause of the issue. Along with it, we have also mentioned the methods by which you can try fixing this issue. So, do follow all the steps properly. And, if you have fixed the same issue through other methods, share it with us in the comment section below.


  1. Hello my tineco floor one s3 get off at 3 seconds and say please clean the dirty water tank. But the thank is clean and empty.. he can not vacuum the water because i think the vacuum engine not work. I make the auto clean on the station but all the dirty water ist on the floor.

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