Best Torrent Client Apps for Android in 2024

Are you sick of not being able to download your favorite torrents easily right on your smartphone? Well, then we have some of the best Torrent Client Apps for Android for you to try out in 2024!

Ever since the inception of the Internet, people have been hard at work with sharing files with their friends and family. Many file-sharing services have taken the world by storm, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Media share, and the list goes on and never ends. All of these file-sharing services have one thing in common, though – the content that can be uploaded by users is highly restrictive to only freemium software and legal files. Anything beyond the scope of that would result in a fail. This is why popular torrent websites have emerged in the recent past. It is no surprise that many people heavily depend on torrents to get most of their movies, TV shows, games, or apps.

The very concept of “torrenting” might seem illegal to most people, however, there are various reasons as to why people might need them legally as well. While most of the torrents available today are usually cracked copies of premium apps or games, some are still legally free. Many online distributors and developers prefer uploading this software or games to torrent websites since it is way cheaper, and allows for a huge reach of audience. Other reasons for wanting to download torrents are for programmers and Linux developers since torrents are a great place to find old dumped ISO files. Whatever the reason may be, torrent websites are here to stay.

The bigger issue is being able to access these websites and downloading your torrent files on your Android device. While there are a few apps that you might find appealing, it is important to only download and use those which you can trust. The Google Play Store is home to millions of apps, and without a surprise, a big chunk of them are prying eyes and malware. Especially when it comes to sensitive topics such as torrents and piracy, you need to be sure of which clients you download and use. One wrong decision and you are risking all of your data and privacy. Worry not, because we have curated a list of some of the best BitTorrent Client Apps for Android that you can try. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the list!

Top 10 BitTorrent Client Apps for Android

Top 11 Torrent Client Apps for Android

All of the apps mentioned below have been tried and tested by yours truly, and I recommend only those ones that provide a fulfilling user experience. As far as availability goes, most of the apps we’ve mentioned below are free, to begin with, but run on a freemium basis, which means users can opt into buying the premium versions which unlocks a whole lot of other cool features. Overall, if you don’t plan on spending any money for Torrent Client Apps for Android, you can still enjoy most of the listings here too! With that being said, let’s take a look at our top picks!

#1 – BitTorrent

As it should come with no surprise, our first recommendation to all of you would be BitTorrent. Not only is it the most downloaded and trusted torrent client apps for Android, but it also remains to be at the top of the list for all platforms, including Windows and Mac. While BitTorrent has the usual torrent client features, such as being able to download any torrent file on your phone and being able to change the location where the files are saved, it goes further to promote legally downloadable content. This includes music and videos from artists that can use BitTorrent as a means to share their work for free and gain exposure. While there is a Pro version of this app that gets rid of all the ads and also brings a few great features such as auto shutdown, we feel the free version would be enough for most users. You can grab the latest version of BitTorrent for Android by following the Google Play Store link given below :


#2 – uTorrent

If you have seen screenshots or have used uTorrent before, you might think of it as an exact replica of BitTorrent. However, the truth is that both these apps come from the same developer. This also explains why even the desktop versions of these programs look identical. Well, if they are basically the same app, why did they have to publish them separately on the Play Store? The answer is uTorrent lacks the advanced sharing functionality that BitTorrent has. This means there isn’t a way for you to check out free content. While this might seem like a downside, if you never wanted to have a media library in a torrent client, uTorrent is actually much more cleaner and lightweight. Apart from that, uTorrent shares the same user interface and design, with the same set of features as BitTorrent. You can grab the latest version of uTorrent for Android by following the Google Play Store link given below :


#3 – Flud

If you are bored with the general and straightforward design of most torrent clients for Android, you will wholeheartedly appreciate this one. Flud is probably the best looking torrent client apps for Android out there. Not only does it come out of the box with Google’s superior Material Design, but there are various other customization options within the settings too. For starters, you can select an app-wide theme to go from the white background to a darker one using the dark mode toggle. When it comes to the features, Flud does not shy away in this department either. It supports direct Magnet link downloads and also has RSS feed features. There is advanced encryption and even an IP Filtering mode to ensure whatever you download is safe for your device and the data stored on it. You can grab the latest version of Flud for Android by following the Google Play Store link given below :


#4 – Checketry

Our next mention isn’t exactly a torrent client, as in it doesn’t support direct downloads of torrents on your Android device. However, we have come across many users who wanted a way to control their downloads on the PC remotely using their phones. Well, this is where Checketry excels at. You will need to download and set up the desktop version of this app as well, and once done, you can live to monitor all of your downloads on your PC. This app has support for uTorrent and BitTorrent, so you can easily view your download progress and even pause your downloads remotely. Moreover, Checketry also has growing support for other programs on your PC, such as Steam or Origin, so you can even check on your game downloads progress right from your Android device. There are a couple of features that only work when you get the premium subscription, and however, as a great way to view your downloads remotely, the free version would suffice. You can grab the latest version of Flud for Android by following the Google Play Store link given below :


#5 – FrostWire

Getting back to torrent clients for Android, we have FrostWire. This is yet another great way to download torrent files straight onto your Android device. It has a very modern design and a minimal settings page. The apps also double as a media player, although we would recommend you to use dedicated music or video player for the best experience. FrostWire also has a built-in torrent search, which does its best to look up various torrent websites for your keyword. However, it is still lackluster and does a clumsy job at gathering your results. Nevertheless, this app does all the torrent downloading business as you would expect very well. The apps are open source and are always under development. It is supported by ads, although you can pay a one-time fee to get rid of them. Overall, this is a great torrent client apps for Android that you can try out. You can grab the latest version of FrostWire for Android by following the Google Play Store link given below :


#6 – LibreTorrent

Another minimally designed and easy to use torrent client, LibreTorrent is a lightweight app available on the Google Play Store. It has a user interface that is very similar to Flud and follows Google’s Material Design inside out. There are not many options right on the main screen to haunt you, which is why we feel many first-time torrent consumers would feel at home with this app. This app is open source as well and has encryption to ensure your device stays safe from malicious files and Trojans. Like most torrent clients, it downloads your torrents sequentially to provide the best speeds and also has features to give higher or lower priorities to specific files within the same torrent. Overall, as a powerful yet minimal torrent client for Android, we highly recommend this one. You can grab the latest version of LibreTorrent for Android by following the Google Play Store link given below :


#7 – Torrnado

If you wanted a way to download torrent files on your PC, but have full control over the straight from your smartphone, Torrnado is the best app for you. It works in a similar way to Checketry but has a ton of other powerful features as well. For instance, you can start or stop downloading torrents on your PC right from your phone. This includes being able to search for torrent files online and then transmitting it to your computer’s torrent client. While Torrnado is only available for free on a trial period, it is a worthy investment if you download a lot of torrents on your computer and hate not being able to manage your file remotely. You can list, manage, and filter your torrents, play or pause the downloads, delete or add new ones, and view or modify all the server settings. You can grab the latest version of Torrnado for Android by following the Google Play Store link given below :


#8 – WeTorrent

WeTorrent is an efficient and beautiful way to download and manage torrent files on your Android device. It follows Google’s Material Design and has a very modern user interface, which we feel many users will appreciate. When it comes to functionality, it offers the same set of features as the other torrent client apps for Android on this list do. You can download several torrent files at the same time, manage your download location, set priorities for different files within the same torrent, and much more. You can either load up torrent files to start downloading by adding a .torrent file or simply clicking on any magnet button on a torrent website. You can grab the latest version of WeTorrent for Android by following the Google Play Store link given below :


#9 – TorrDroid

This client is relatively new on the Play Store, yet checks all the boxes for being a reliable torrent client apps for Android. You can expect the same level of features and functionality as the other apps on this list provide. When it comes to the user interface and design, TorrDroid too follows Material Design and takes cues from the likes of Flud and LibreTorrent. It has support for Magnet links, .torrent files, various protocols, and even sports encryption and IP Filtering to safeguard your Android phone from malicious files and other attacks. There is also a built-in search engine which you can use to find torrents, but it works as expected, and we recommend a manual search for best results anyway. The app is supported by a few banner ads, and we couldn’t find any way to get rid of them since the developer doesn’t offer a premium version of the service. You can grab the latest version of TorrDroid for Android by following the Google Play Store link given below :


#10 – tTorrent Lite

Next on our list of some of the best torrent client apps for Android devices, we have tTorrent Lite. While there isn’t anything specifically alluring about this torrent client, it works as advertised and is one of the most downloaded ones on the Google Play Store. It supports P2P file protocol, which means the highest speeds, and pair that with sequential downloads. IP Filtering and Encryption also make sure you don’t stumble upon any suspicious downloads. The app also has integrations for other remote management apps like Torrnado, so you can control everything using a single app. Other features include a WiFi-only mode like other clients, which makes sure you don’t accidentally exhaust all of your mobile data while downloading heavy files. There is also a premium version that gets rid of all the ads, but we feel the free variant would be more than enough for most users. You can grab the latest version of tTorrent Lite for Android by following the Google Play Store link given below :


That’s all, folks! We hope you enjoyed our roundup of some of the best Torrent Client Apps for Android you can try out in 2024. Which one among the list is your favorite, and how many of these Torrent Client Apps for Android have you already known or have been using? Know other good Android Apps to download torrents that you feel people might find interesting? Do let us know in the comments section below, and we’d be delighted to hear from you guys!

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