How to turn off background apps on iPhone X

All the manufacturers are intended to build the powerful smartphone for their users. There has been a lot of research to increase the speed of working in smartphones since many years. Most manufacturers were successful in doing this and they are steadily improving in providing their users with more powerful smartphones every time. But it doesn’t matter how powerful smartphone is, they do lag sometimes. App crashes and device freezing is a common issue even in smartphones with a high-speed processor. Even Apple, well known for delivering only the best smartphones faces the issue. iPhone X the powerful smartphone yet will also have to face this issue. And the main villain here is the background apps. Here is a guide on how to turn off background apps on iPhone X

Background apps are the main reason for a lot of issues on iPhone X and all other smartphones out there. From increasing chances of crashes to battery draining background apps is a common villain for all smartphones. But having background app is essential for good multitasking, so removing it completely will be suicidal for smartphone manufacturers. We as users need to do certain things to stop issues caused by background apps.

How to turn off background apps on iPhone X

Ways to turn off background apps on iPhone X

There are two main ways background app can cause you problems as a user. The primary is eating up a lot of Ram and the secondary is eating up a lot of data. The both can increase the chance of crashes in the device and of course fast draining of battery. The background data usage will, in addition, incur the user with extra data usage. The increased data usage in many smartphones is only because of the background apps using up all the data the user have. So to solve all the issues associated with background apps you need stop them from using up the system RAM and also the carrier data.

Killing background apps using up the system RAM

The multitasking was a great addition done by smartphone manufacturers which had a lot of advantages in the usability of smartphones. But the main issue caused by this is a lot of apps running in the background. When left unattended the background app will take up a lot of RAM memory and will reduce the processor speed. This will lead to app crashes and freezing of the device. The steps to turn off background apps on iPhone X are:

  1. Double tap the home button when you are on the home screen of iPhone X
  2. This will show up all the apps running in the background
  3. Swipe up to kill the background app you want to

Stop apps from using background data

Many users face the problem of high data costs due to the background data usage on their smartphones. Well, left unnoticed many apps will eat up a large amount of data without the user’s knowledge. This will also adversely affect the battery life of your device. Turning off background data usage is the only solution for this. Turning off the data directly will stop you from using the internet. So the solution is switching off data for apps which are taking up lot of data in the background when not in use. It is easy to do this on iPhone X and steps to follow are:

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap on cellular option
  3. You can swipe down to find all apps using data
  4. Tap on the toggle button to the right of apps to turn off data for it.

I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to turn off background apps on iPhone X. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.


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