How to Use Two-Factor Authentications For Apple ID

Two- factor Authentication is extra protection for your Apple ID. This double layer security process will ensure that you are the only person accessing your account, even if someone knows your password.

Two-Factor Authentication

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication is referred to as two-step authentication. It’s a trusted security process for Apple users to access the system. This security process will protect your account by requiring not only a password but also need verification code as sent to your trusty iOS device. This double protection will help you to use your Apple ID safe.

How Two-Factor Authentication works?

With Two-Factor Authentication, a user’s account can only be accessed on devices the user trust. It may be an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You need to sign in to a new device; you need two rounds of security protection means your password and the six-digit verification code as you received in your trusted devices. For instance, if you are trying to sign in to your new Mac, you can access the device using the password and the verification code sent to your trusted device.

To use Two-Factor Authentication, a needed trusted device or a trusted mobile number is inevitable.

What are a trusted device and mobile number?

Trusted device:

A trusted device is an iOS device or a Mac that you have signed in with your Apple ID using Two-Factor Authentications. It is the exact device Apple knows and can be used to confirm your identity by displaying a verification code when you try to sign in on a new device.


Trusted phone number:

A trusted phone number is a valid number used to receive Apple verification code by text or by automated phone call. The user must have at least one trusty number to sign in with Two-Factor Authentication.

Here we give more details about how to use two-factor authentication for Apple ID

Follow the below directions to know more about how to use Two-Factor Authentication on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod:

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication:

You’re using iOS 10.3

  • First of all tap Settings > [your name] > Password & Security.
  • Tap Turn On Two-Factor Authentication button

You’re using iOS 10.2

  • Go to Settings > iCloud.
  • Tap Apple ID > Password & Security.
  • Then Turn On Two-Factor Authentication button
  • Then press Continue.

Verify with your trusted phone number:

After Two-Factor Authentication settings, you can enter the trusted phone number; in this number, you will receive verification code when you sign in. You will receive the verification code by SMS or automated phone call.

Apple sends verification codes to the specific mobile number. Now you enter the verification code you received and turn on Two-Factor Authentication.


Likewise in the above manner you can turn on Two-Factor Authentication on your Mac, follow these steps;

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication on your macOS Catalina:

  • First of all, select, Apple menu > System Preferences, click Apple ID.
  • Then Click Password & Security
  • Then Click Turn On Two-Factor Authentication button

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication on your macOS Mojava:

Select Apple menu > System Preferences, click iCloud, then select Account Details.

Then click security.

Finally, Click Turn On Two-Factor Authentication button


Remember this guidance when you start to use Two-Factor Authentication;

Two-Factor Authentication improves the security of your Apple ID. After you turn on this service, you have to remember some points to keep secure your account and make sure you will never lose access. Here we are giving some guidelines you have to follow for safe handling the service.

  • Always remember your Apple ID password.
  • Use a device passcode on all your devices.
  • Make sure your trusted phone number is up to date.
  • Make sure your trusted devices are physically healthy.

Follow the below steps to update your trusted phone numbers;

  • First, go to your Apple ID account page.
  • Then Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Finally, go to the Security section and click Edit.

In case you need to add a phone number, click ‘Add a Trusted Phone Number’ then enter the phone number. And also select to verify the phone number with a text message or automated phone call then click Continue. You also have the option to remove trusted phone numbers by selecting the Remove option.

You can also manage the trusted device by following these steps:

If you are using an iOS device; Go to Settings > [your name]. Select a device from the list.

On macOS Catalina; select Apple menu > System Preferences>Select Apple ID>Select a device from the sidebar.

And you are using macOS Mojave; select Apple menu > System Preferences> iCloud, then click Account Details> the Devices tab> Select a device from the list.

In case you are on the web, go to your Apple ID account page>Sign in with your Apple ID>go to the Devices section.

In the device, the list shows the devices that you are currently signed in with Apple ID. Like phone numbers, you can also remove trusted devices by selecting the Remove option.

System Requirements:

 For a better experience your devices needed the below-mentioned requirements;

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 9
  • Mac with OS X El Capitan and iTunes 12.3
  • Apple Watch with watchOS 2
  • Apple TV HD with tvOS
  • Windows PC with iCloud for Windows 5 and iTunes 12.3.3

Can I use Two-Step Verification on older OS version

Two-Factor Authentication is possible to use in old OS versions. Suppose you use Two-Factor Authentication with Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation), then Apple asks to add a six-digit verification code after your password when you sign in. You will get the verification code that you have received in your trusted phone number. Type your password, followed by the six-digit verification code in the given password space

Turn off Two-Factor Authentication?

If you started to use Two-Factor Authentication, it is not possible to turn off the service. The latest version of iOS and macOS comes with advanced features that need this multi-level security protection.

If you are using two-type verification, then turn it off and sign in to Two-Factor Authentication for the best system performance and double security.

All the above guidelines will help you to learn how to use Two-Factor Authentication for Apple ID. Turn on this double layer security process to secure your account. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment below in our comment box.

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