Ulefone X Common Problems and Fixes- Wi-Fi, Camera, SIM and more

We are all pretty much aware of the advancement smartphones have brought into our lives. With more enhancement in the technology, we are getting to see more features and techniques that help us in one way or other and to a great extent simplify our life. One such smartphone, we are going to discuss today is the Ulefone X. For the users of this smartphone, here is an article on the common problems you may face while using this phone and also their solutions and fixes.

Ulefone X is another great smartphone on our list. This phone comes with a 3300mAh battery along with optimized energy saving management, Qi wireless charging technology, a 16MP primary sensor and a 5MP secondary sensor and 91% Screen-to-body Ratio, 5.85″, All Screen 3.0, and an 18.9:9 Aspect Ratio.

The languages supported are- Indonesian, Malay, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Estonian, English, Spanish, Filipino, French, Croatian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Finnish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian, Russian, Serb, Ukrainian, Armenian, Hebrew, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, Bengali, Thai, Korean, Burmese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.


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Most of the given solutions and fixes are applicable to almost every android smart phone. Although, we do have articles for particular smart phones. You can check them out on our Page.

You won’t be able to fix every problem yourself. If these solutions don’t do the trick, you might have to take your handset to a professional repair shop, or upgrade to a new model. But while you shouldn’t tinker with your finely-tuned smartphone the way you would with, say, a car engine, you do have options. Here are some of the most common phone problems you’ll encounter, and how to fix them.


Ulefone X Common Problems and Fixes- Wi-Fi, Camera, SIM and more

1. Battery Drainage and Slow Charging:

The last thing you want for your phone is to run out of juice when you need it most. With the Ulefone X, it’s the least you should worry about. Fueled by a huge 3300mAh battery along with optimized energy saving management, it guarantees you a full day even under heavy use without having to charge, allowing you to fully enjoy yourself. You get a 290Hrs Standby, 10Hrs Talk, 20Hrs Music, and a 5Hrs Video.

Even then if you come across any problems or inconvenience, you can try these methods as per your situation:

  1. In case screen sharing option is ON, turn it OFF.
  2. The fast drainage of battery reflects a lot of apps are running in the background and some features such as hot spot are turned ON quickly. If possible for you, keep mobile data off when not in use.
  3. If you remember the last app you installed after which the problem arrives, uninstall the same.
  4. Do not play games which are complex and consume more space and data.
  5. Do not charge your phone in a manner that is not recommended by the manufacturer.
  6. Make sure the problem is not there due to the faulty power socket, power bank, charging cable or the charging adapter. Always charge your phone with the original charger. Except severe emergency cases, do not make use of any other duplicate charger.

2. Hindrance in Connectivity:

Be it any phone, the connectivity of it plays the most crucial role. Without which it would be of no any significant use. if your connectivity goes thumbs up, the phone surely works well in the market.

However, not everyone prefers SIM Cards or online Data sharing apps like Xender or Shareit. Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, share a great part in any smartphone’s in its features. In the Ulefone X, you get a Wi-Fi hotspot, NFC, Headphone jack and Wi-Fi Direct. For wired connectivity, you get a Micro USB v2.0 with OTG, Charging and Mass Storage Function.


With all of these quality features also come to some problems. Some of which is quite serious and others real common and easy to access. Here are some solutions if you get any such problems with the connectivity of your Ulefone X.

For Bluetooth Connectivity problems, you can make use of the following ideas:

  1. We On the Bluetooth and forget unhiding its connectivity and visibility to other devices. This is the most common case we all go through.Hence check once if your device is connected to the nearby device first.
  2. Going back to the Oldest trick we do- Beginning with the simplest and easiest you can do, turn Off your Bluetooth and then turn it On again. Trust me this works the best for everybody.
  3. There are a number of precautions on the list which you need to follow NO MATTER WHAT. Such timely care of your device and its workings would not lead you to further unsolvable problems. Some of them begin here- At a time, don’t select a large number of files for transferring. Follow the proper process required to connect to new devices. Make sure that the Bluetooth Antenna works properly and isn’t damaged internally. Check if the files or data you wish to share does not have any virus or compatibility problems.
  4. Close all the apps that have access to Bluetooth if they are running in the background.
  5. Disable the Power Saving Mode of your device if it is enabled.
  6. Let us now get t the cleaning part. Junk created may be a reason that your phone is not responding to the Bluetooth Connectivity. So begin Cleaning. Clean the Cache of the Bluetooth App before expecting it to work great. Erase the names of previously connected devices in the history of Bluetooth. The last step you can try is reset your device but make sure you have a backup of your whole data first or else you may lose it in the process.
  7. Do not ever mess with the Bluetooth User’s policies. That may cost you a lot more.

For Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues, here are the solutions you can try:

  1. Firstly, restart your router and the modem as well. This is the least you can do  way to make it work again.
  2. Open the LAN Settings and check if they are not disabled.
  3. Open the Wi-Fi you are willing to connect. Click on it and then click on ‘Forget’, Search for it again and reconnect with it.
  4. The apps having access to Wi-Fi should be closed of thy are running in the background.
  5. The internet service might no longer be available and it may be the fault of your modem or router than phone’s. Check for it. Or there might be a poor signal strength.
  6. Make sure that there isn’t any physical damage caused to the modem.
  7. If it isn’t wireless, check the cable connection and know if the wires are connected properly or not.
  8. If the modem has a number of devices connected to it, try disconnecting a few.
  9. If the allotted bandwidth has already been used, the problem may exist due to this reason also.

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4. Faulty Apps:

At times, you find out that your apps are causing your Ulefone X to lag. This issue if unresolved may cause a lot of trouble to you later on. Your apps are the biggest contributors to your smart phone experience. They can both enhance or ruin its usage. Hence to deal with problems related to that, here are some of the ways you can go through and Try.

  1. The easiest of all options is to restart your phone and check again if the issue no longer exists.
  2. Always make sure that you are using them following all the policies for the regular apps. Avoid installation from the third-party sources.
  3. Clear the cache memory of all the apps you have installed in your phone.
  4. Go to Play Store and Update the apps that need to be.
  5. Check and make sure if the apps are present in the third-party memory. If that is the case, then switch them to the phone’s default memory.

Few known app problems: 

5. SIM Card related issues:

With two SIM numbers available on one phone, your life is getting much easier and more convenient. You can use one number for work while the other for personal life to keep your work and personal life separate or enjoy the high-speed local network service without having to remove your primary SIM card when traveling abroad.

With a dual SIM Slot, you get 2G, 3G, 4G support as well in the Ulefone X.

2G: GSM B2/ B3/ B5/ B8
3G: WCDMA B1/ B2/ B4/ B5/ B8
4G: FDD-LTE B1/ B2/ B3/ B4/ B5/ B7/ B8/ B12/ B17/ B19/ B20
TDD-LTE B38/ B40/ B41

There is a dual SIM support with Nano+Nano or micro SD. Since SIM cards tend to play the most vital role in any Smartphone, any problem regarding the same can affect you way too much. So if you come across any such thing, here is a reference:

  1. SIM Card could be anywhere physically damaged. Check for it once.
  2. Go to the Phone Settings and choose the network manually.
  3. The problem can also occur due to low signal strength.
  4. Know if you have inserted the SIM card properly into its respective slot or not. Check for the Compatibility issues, if any. At times, the card might have an operating frequency which doesn’t tend to match the handset. Or  there might be a chance that the SIM Card slot is damaged physically.
  5. Disable the Flight Mode if it’s on in case.
  6. Change or more accurately I would suggest you replace your SIM Card if nothing else works.
  7. Check that you are not using your phone in the phone mode.

6. Lousy Quality Of Camera:

Why waste time on clicking zillions of selfies a time only to pick up the best one to feature?  The high-pixel 13MP camera along with optimized beauty algorithm creates crisper, more detailed, and brighter selfies, so you can always get perfect selfies to share with your family and friends each time you press the shutter.

There are many precious moments in life that we wish we could preserve forever. One best way to freeze these moments is to press the fast shutter. The dual rear cameras – a 16MP primary sensor and a 5MP secondary sensor – on the Ulefone X work together to make the foreground subject sharp and clear while creating a beautifully blurred background, allowing you to hold on to all the wonderful memories.

Although the features are all really good and enhance the quality of the photo, you may at times come across some common problems with it. Here are some of the solutions to a bad quality camera experience.

  1. Initiating with the most common first, make sure you clean the lens before using the camera. A dirty lens can surely help with ruining the picture.  Check if your camera has any sort of internal damage as this may cause hindrance in the quality of the same. Also, a very common mistake we do is not focusing. Remember to focus on the object before snapping. This can enhance the quality in many ways.
  2. Do not make any adjustments for using the flash light. Know that you will be having a great source of light and make use of it as well. Use the Flash light whenever you think you need to.
  3. Blurred pictures can result from the way of using the camera. If you aren’t using it as prescribed by the manufacturer in the manual, you may face problems.
  4. Another reason for a bad picture can be that you might not be using the camera through its default app. From the Camera Settings, choose the output mode for the pictures as HD.

7. Struck Touch Screen of Ulefone X

To make wireless charging possible, the Ulefone X adopts a glass back with curves instead of an aluminum one, which looks stunning and gives you a sense of comfort and luxury when holding in hand. Besides, the glass back also makes signals like Wi-Fi, LTE, and Bluetooth stronger without the need for clunky lines embedded into the frame.

Ulefone X phone utilizes the advanced all screen 3.0 needed for display and other necessary sensors, and the super all screen display manages to maximize your vision while fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand. With nearly zero visual distractions, nothing can draw your eyes away when you wake the screen. With a 91% Screen-to-body Ratio, 5.85″, All Screen 3.0, and an 18.9:9 Aspect Ratio. At times you face problems regarding the Unresponsiveness of the screen and at those times, you can try some of these following methods to overcome it.

  1. Wipe the screen properly against oil and irregular particles.
  2. Make sure the device screen is not damaged physically.
  3. Choose to close all apps running in the background after this.
  4. Disable screen mirroring option if it is enabled.
  5. Make sure the OS is not too old. Install if there is a patch or a basic update is available.
  6. Open the phone in the safe mode and check if there are issues you are facing now.
  7. Make sure that you don’t have the entire memory of the phone filled with data.

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8. Lagging Evidences in Ulefone X:

At times we do not know the exact reason for it but the performance of your phone slows down. As if some sort of virus has infected it severely. With everything else at normal, you do not know how to beat this lag. here is what can help you out:

  1. Jumping right to the most easiest and working method! Restart your phone and this can sometimes solve your concern. As simple it sounds that effectively this works. I do not think for most of the cases you will even need to look up for the next method you can try. This will do your job.
  2. Go to the Play Store and Update all the apps which need to be and are pending.
  3. Simple kind of precautions are always to be taken when working with any kind of device. Do not use your phone while it’s at charging. Trust me, that does harm. Don’t install the apps which you don’t even need on the phone. Make sure you are not downloading data in bulk while measuring the performance of your device.
  4. Some common mistakes of us can result in real issues later. Always prefer Wi-Fi than mobile data if available. If the device memory is full, erase some data that no longer matters to you.
  5. Check all apps functionality and choose to remove the cache memory of them all one after one.
  6. The most you can do to help is, Hard reset your phone if other methods don’t work but make sure you have a backup of all your data which may get lost at the time of reset. This surely helps in most cases. And if it does not you know that its the time to see a service provider.

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9. GPS Issues:

  1. The GPS related issues are mostly connected to the network. You have to pay close attention to get it fixed. Here are some best possible methods to help you keep up the pace simply:
  2. The phone Data should be turned OFF
  3. If you are in the basement, there might be no proper signal strength then the issue will be there.
  4. Update the maps and navigation app on the device regularly.
  5. Ensure that your OS is updated.
  6. If you are in an indoor location, go out of the building.

Here is the simple guide on How to improve GPS signal on your Android device.

10. Frozen Screen on Ulefone X:

If at any time your screen of the Example gets struck while you are using your phone or while making phone calls or playing games, then you may experience a real bad time. A frozen screen may also be more likely a cause of some particular app, which we have mentioned above how to deal with exactly. But if this situation is seen in almost every task you perform and every app you open, then better would be work on it as soon as possible. At such points, here are a following steps you can try out to let it work.

How to deal with Frozen or struck screen in Ulefone X?

  1.  If you are encountering the issue only in particular app such as Instagram. Then you don’t need to worry and blame your phone for that. The app needs the update or further optimization for the particular device model.
  2. Try cleaning the screen of your device. At times, a untidy screen covered with dust or oil may be the reason for an unresponsive screen touch
  3. Try removing the battery if it is removable. Last what you could do is let the phone stay as it is for a while and then try again. I personally have tried this one many a times and it did work for me.
  4. If you are getting stuck on the default apps on EXAMPLE such as Phone, Messaging or the camera app, then its time you act. Then, go to Setting > Apps > Default apps, then choose the app you are getting issues with and clear its cache.
  5. In the end, the option of a factory reset or phone format could help you solve the problem.
  6. As a last resort, consider resetting your whole phone back to its factory settings. If the problem still persists after that, you’re probably looking at a hardware fault. To deal with that, scroll down to the Troubleshooting section be

11. Poor reception:

Don’t blame your phone if it’s having networking issues that make it difficult to connect to Wi-Fi or catch a cellular signal. The culprit could be external. Are you in a notorious dead spot where no one can get any signal? If you’re at home, are other devices struggling to connect to the web?

  1. Calling to your carrier or Internet Service Provider could be the next step in trying to get everything working again. They will know more about the issues specific to your phone and service. Alternatively, try a quick web search using the make and model of your phone, and the name of your carrier or internet provider. You might well find solutions from people who have had the same problem as you.
  2. If you are sure that your phone is truly at fault, then start with a simple reboot. This resets all your phone’s wireless connections and establishes them again from the beginning. If you would rather not turn your phone off and on again, try putting it in airplane mode and then turning the mode off. This will have pretty much the same effect.
  3. For issues lasting long, make sure you’re running the most recent version of your mobile operating system. This will have the latest bug fixes and be ready to work with the latest settings from your carrier or router. If you’ve been putting off an operating-system update, then deal with it now.
  4. If both the reset and the update fail, you’ve exhausted your home-repair options. Connectivity is one of those features that should “just work,” so if it does not, then you may be looking at a faulty phone, a damaged SIM card, or a problem with the network itself.
  5. If the issue started suddenly, and not because you altered any settings on your phone, it is more likely that it is not your phone to blame. In this case, you will definitely want to call the experts at your phone’s manufacturer or your service provider.

Wrapping Up:

This was all about the common problems one might face in the Ulefone X Smart Phone. Apart from these, if you come across any issues in your device, feel free to let us know.

Hope you guys found the article useful. For more such tech related posts, make sure you have subscribed to our Newsletter. If not yet, then go ahead! We come with such useful articles every now and then. Also, if you come across any difficulties in solving the above problems, do mention it in the comment section below.


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