UmiDigi Z1 (pro) Common Problems And Fixes- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SIM, Memory And More

The Chinese manufacture Umidigi has now launched the Umidigi Z1 (pro) with Android 7.0 Nougat. The device is coming with a 5.5 inch large AMOLED display. Under the hood, the device is powered by an MTK6757 Octa Core 2.3GHz processor. The device promises a good performance with its 6 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM combination. With a huge battery of 4000 mAh, the device offers a longer standby time. Once again like other new devices in the market the Umidigi Z1 (pro) also follows the dual camera trend by adding a 13.0MP + 5.0MP back camera. The device also has a 5.0MP selfie camera, which is considered to be a low-end configuration. Two nano sim ports are provided with the device, and the fingerprint sensor will be available on the below Umidigi Z1 (pro) Common Problems And Fixes.

UmiDigi Z1 (pro) Common Problems And Fixes- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SIM, Memory And More

Umidigi Z1 (pro) Common Problems And Fixes

Here I’m providing the list of Umidigi Z1 (pro) Common Problems And Fixes, please read through to find out more.

Bluetooth related issues

With a number of handsfree devices and smartwatches being a common gadget, users have started to rely on Bluetooth more and more. It is no doubt the most reliable way to connect with devices and transfer date. If you are facing some issue with the Bluetooth of Umidigi Z1 (pro) find the fixes for your issue given below.

  1. Make sure the device you are trying to connect is within the range, which is 30-feet
  2. Make sure the device you are trying to connect with supports the Bluetooth version of Umidigi Z1 (pro), which is Bluetooth 4.1
  3. If you are unable to detect the device even after it is within the feasible distance and is a supported device; Toggle Bluetooth off and on
  4. Reboot your device
  5. If the issue is with a paired device; Un-pair the device and pair it again

Wi-Fi related issues

Wi-Fi have become a common thing people use to connect to the internet. A few minutes of Wi-Fi issue can cost a lot for a user in the current scenario. If you are facing an annoying issue with Wi-Fi on your Umidigi Z1 (pro), read below to find out what you can do.

  1. Make sure you are within the reachable area of the Wi-Fi router
  2. If you are near to the router and is still facing the issue, then toggle Wi-Fi off and on
  3. Reboot the device
  4. Forget the network and connect again

Issues related to memory space

The Umidigi Z1 (pro) comes with a 64 GB internal storage. But in the extent of usage today you will for sure face issue with the memory space. You can tackle this issue by following some simple steps, which are listed below.

  1. Un-install apps that are not used
  2. Move apps to the SD card
  3. Clear app cache and app data
  4. Move huge files on to a PC

Issues related to sim card

a sim card is really important to make communication like calls or text messages from any device. So an issue with sim card can be really annoying and that should be solved very fast. Here are some fixes you can try for such an issue on the Umidigi Z1 (pro).

  1. Remove and re-insert the sim card
  2. Use the sim card on some other device to check if the issue is with your card slot

Issues related to apps

App crashes are the most common problem faced by smartphone users. The reason behind this could be an issue with the app or at times the device itself. The solutions for all kind of issues are listed below.

  1. If the issue is with an individual app try clearing the cache of the app
  2. If clearing cache doesn’t solve the issue, try clearing the app data
  3. You can uninstall apps and install again if nothing work.
  4. If you are facing issues with many apps try resetting the device

Issues with SD card

The solution for issues with SD card on your Umidigi Z1 (pro) is listed below.

  1. Remove and re-insert the SD card
  2. Use the SD card with some other device to check if the issue is with your card slot
  3. Connect with a PC, move the important data to a separate folder, and format the card

Issue related to touchscreen

The solution for touchscreen related issue on your Umidigi Z1 (pro) is listed below.

  1. Make sure a compatible screen protector is used, if not replace it
  2. Make sure moisture is not making the issue if so clean the device
  3. Reboot the device
  4. Perform a factory reset

I hope this guide was useful in understanding Umidigi Z1 (pro) common problems and fixes. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.


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