Unbrick Restore Xiaomi 13 Pro from Dead or Bootloop

Recently, Xiaomi launched its new Xiaomi 13 Pro flagship smartphone with better performance and features. The device has a 50MP Triple camera with the IMX989 sensor, which captures a great shot. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset comes with a 120Hz refresh rate of 2K AMOLED Display. Overall, the Xiaomi 13 Pro has the best performance and camera quality. You can go through this device if you’re looking for the best smartphone camera and performance with several features.

Unfortunately, most users experience boot loop issues on their devices, which can be frustrating. However, if you’re stuck in the bootloop, you can solve the problem by following the instructions to easily Unbrick Restore Xiaomi 13 Pro Dead or Bootloop.

Most of the Xiaomi devices are stuck in the bootloop due to incompatibility of flash files or improper flashing methods. The issue is also possible if someone fails to perform the actions while flashing the third-party files on their Android device. If you’re a Xiaomi user or using a Xiaomi 13 Pro, you can fix the issue by following the instructions below in this guide. Unbrick Restore Xiaomi 13 Pro from Dead or Bootloop

How to Unbrick Xiaomi 13 Pro Device?

Xiaomi 13 Pro device stuck in bootloop issues was caused by a variety of factors which can be easily fixed by following the mentioned steps. Before driving on the methods, it’s necessary to follow the instructions and requirements properly to avoid any type of technical or software issues on your device. However, if you’re trying to access the flash misc.bin file, it’s possible that your device will be stuck in the bootloop forever.


There are several requirements, and you have to read and perform the mentioned steps carefully, apart from downloading and installing the tools, drivers, and files.

Step 1: You Need a Laptop or PC and a USB Cable

Firstly, you’ll require a Laptop/ Windows Desktop and a USB cable to connect your Xiaomi 13 Pro device to the laptop to follow the other procedures. It’s necessary to follow the instructions.

Step 2: Charge Your Smartphone

Make sure to charge your Xiaomi 13 Pro battery sufficiently, at least 50% above, to perform the instructions without any issues or shutdown problems during the process.

Step 3: Download Unbrick Firmware

You can visit the link to download unbrick firmware to unbrick your Xiaomi 13 Pro device. You’ll get a list of Xiaomi 13 Pro device Stock ROM depending upon the regional variants of the model. Make sure to download the latest version according to the variants.

Step 4: Download ADB & Fastboot Binaries

You can access and grab ADB and Fastboot Binaries from here. ADB and Fastboot drivers are especially useful to perform any ADB or fastboot commands on the connected Android devices for deleting the system applications, flashing firmware files, and more.

Step 5: Download Xiaomi USB Drivers

A USB driver is essential, and it’s always necessary to easily connect your headset to the laptop for successful flashing files, data transfer, and more. Make sure to download and install the Xiaomi USB driver on your computer. You can easily download the link by accessing the link.

Step 6: Download Mi Flash Tools

Now, it’s time to download the Mi Flash Tool to flash the fastboot ROM on any Xiaomi device.

Instructions to Restore Your Xiaomi 13 Pro:

Disclaimer:¬†Getdroidtips won’t be responsible for any kind of technical or software issue that may happen on your Xiaomi 13 Pro device. You’ll be only responsible for what you’re doing.

Several easy ways exist to unbrick or restore your Xiaomi 13 Pro device. You can do any of these. If you don’t know how to flash the firmware, just head over to this guide in-depth to learn how to flash stock firmware on a Xiaomi device.

  1. Download the MIUI Fastboot ROM for your Xiaomi 13 Pro device.
  2. Now power off your device completely. Press and hold power and volume key buttons simultaneously to enter Fastboot mode.
  3. You’ll be able to see the Mi Bunny Fastboot mode picture on your screen.
  4. Now connect your device to the laptop/Windows PC via a USB cable.
  5. Double-click on the downloaded ROM file to extract it.
  6. Open your extracted ROM folder and copy its path on your computer.
  7. Install the Mi Flash Tool and extract the MIUI Mi Flash Tool on your PC.
  8. Select the Installer file on your PC and continue the installation and select run to continue the installation.
  9. Once the installation is completed, open MiFlash.exe and paste the address bar from the file folder path you previously copied. You can also browse the folder directly by choosing the Select button.
  10. Once you’ve pasted the Address code, click on the first option to Refresh, and MiFlash will automatically recognize the device. Again, click on the second button to flash the ROM file to the device.
  11. Now the flashing process has started, and wait until the progress bar inside MiFlash turns completely green, which means the ROM file has been successfully installed. Now the device will automatically boot to the latest version.

That’s it. Once you restore your device and boot into the system, it may take several times to boot on the first attempt. This is how you can easily unbrick and restore your Xiaomi 13 Pro device without any gimmicks. If you have any related issues with the black screen or Bootloop, then you can visit the XDA forum platform. Hope this guide helps you to unbrick and restore your Xiaomi 13 Pro device easily.

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