How to Update Firmware on Sony Smart TV

Smart TVs that run on Android OS require software updates to keep running smoothly. As we all know an update fixes up bugs, errors on a particular build. So, you must update firmware on your Sony smart TV. In this guide, I have explained in detail the process of new firmware installation.

I have also linked up the latest firmware which is available for the update. There is a list of all supported models on which the upgrade process can be carried out. The latest available firmware comes with build number v6.4770. Installing it will improve the collective performance of the smart TV. If some TV models have been unable to install Disney+ app, then that bug has been fixed as well with the current update.

update firmware on Sony Smart TV

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How to Update Firmware

First, you need to know which models of Sony Smart TV support this upgrade process and the firmware included. Here is the list of the supported devices.

Models of Sony Smart TV that Support the Upgrade

  • XBR-85X950H
  • XBR-49X950H
  • XBR-85X800H
  • XBR-65X805H
  • XBR-55X805H
  • XBR-75X800H
  • XBR-65X800H
  • XBR-75X805H
  • XBR-85Z8H
  • XBR-75Z8H
  • XBR-75X950H
  • XBR-55X800H
  • XBR-49X800H
  • XBR-43X800H
  • XBR-65A8H
  • XBR-55A8H
  • XBR-65X950H
  • XBR-55X950H

Now, depending upon whether you use a smart TV model of Sony from the list put up above, download the latest firmware. It weighs above 1 GB in size. So, use WiFi to download it swiftly.


Firmware | v6.4770


First, there are a few guidelines you must follow to successfully finish the update process.

  • A PC with internet access
  • A USB device
  • Latest Firmware [link above]
  • First, check whether already your smart TV is running on the latest firmware. Then there is no need to separately re-install it once again.
  • Use your TV remote to press the Help Button. You will get to see the model of the TV and the software version. If it matches with the latest firmware version, then no need to re-update.
  • Do not switch off your TV while the upgrade process is going on.


GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any issues related to hardware or software problems that may arise incidentally due to installing the new update or any other technical snag. Carry out the manual installation of the update at your own risk.

How to Automatically Check for Update

If you do not want to follow the manual way of the firmware update, then you can wait for the smart TV to download and install updates on its own.

  • On your remote control press the HELP button
  • Then select System software update > Automatically check for update.

If an update is available then that will be installed automatically. Sometimes it may take a few days or weeks for the update to show up on your device. Normally, the OTA updates rollout gradually based on the geographical location of the device. So, before manually upgrading wait for a few days for the update to become available on its own.

Manual Firmware Update

  • Download the firmware from the link posted above
  • Extract the image from the zip file
  • Connect the USB flash drive to the PC
  • Copy the extracted firmware file to the USB drive and then disconnect it from the PC
  • Turn on the TV
  • Then insert the USB drive into any USB Port of the TV
  • Follow the instructions and do accordingly as instructed on the screen.
  • Power LED on the TV will flash as the update begins
  • TV may turn on or off on its own while updating. Do not touch any buttons or turn it off on your own.
  • Once the update finishes up, the TV will restart on its own.
  • As the update completes, make sure to remove the USB drive from the smart TV.

All your previous settings will be intact and similar to what it was on the previous firmware version. So, now that firmware update is complete on your Sony Smart TV, you can enjoy your favorite shows seamlessly. I hope that this guide was useful to you.

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