How to Upgrade your HUB in Satisfactory

Satisfactory is a new simulation game created by Coffee Stain Studios and is a complex yet interesting game. Players have to choose a planet to land on. And they arrive on the chosen planet in their drop pod. The drop pod then has to be dismantled to create a Hub or Habitat and Utility Base. This will be the first structure you create in Satisfactory.

The Hub can be considered to be the engineers main base. You need to complete milestones to progress through the game. This can be done from the Hub and once you complete the FICSIT milestones, you will gain additional blueprints of buildings, vehicles, parts, equipment, and more. It’s also worth noting that your gameplay experience will change depending on the planet and area you choose to set up your Hub in. In this guide, we will show you how to upgrade your Hub in Satisfactory.


How to upgrade your Hub in Satisfactory

Upgrading the Hub in the game is fairly easy and requires you to complete the milestones. To complete the milestones, you need to collect a lot of materials. At present, there are 8 tiers in the game which you must complete. Tier 0 is the one that focuses on upgrading your Hub in Satisfactory. Furthermore, unlike other tiers in the game, you must follow the sequence below to upgrade the Hub.

Setting up your Hub close to mineral deposits like iron and copper will give you an advantage. This is because you will save a lot of time in collecting the material. Hence, you will be able to upgrade the Hub in Satisfactory faster. The Hub has a crafting table in it where you will have to craft the resources into materials. You will then have to give those materials such as Iron Rods to the Hub computer to complete the milestones. The upgraded Hub or completed Hub will have 2 small biomass burners, a FICSIT Freighter and housing for the engineer.

Upgrade 1:

  • Requirements: 10x Iron Rod.
  • Rewards: Equipment Workshop, Portable Miner, Three additional Inventory Slots, Personal Storage Box.

Upgrade 2:

  • Requirements: 20x Iron Rod | 10x Iron Plate.
  • Rewards: Smelter, Power line, Scanner update – Copper ore, 1 Biomass Burner added to the Hub.
  • Recipes: Copper Ingot, Wire, Cable.

Upgrade 3:

  • Requirements: 20x Iron Rod | 20x Iron Plate | 20x Wire.
  • Rewards: Constructor, Power Pole, Scanner update – Limestone.
  • Recipes: Concrete, Screw, Reinforced Iron Plate.

Upgrade 4:

  • Requirements: 75x Iron Plate | 20x Cable | 10x Concrete.
  • Rewards: Conveyor Pole, Conveyor Belt, Three additional Inventory Slots.

Upgrade 5:

  • Requirements: 75x Iron Plate | 50x Cable | 20x Concrete.
  • Rewards: Miner Mk.1, Storage Container, Second Biomass Burner added to the Hub.

Upgrade 6:

  • Requirements: 100x Iron Rod | 100x Iron Plate | 100x Wire | 50x Concrete.
  • Rewards: Space Elevator, Biomass Burner, FICSIT Freighter added to the Hub.
  • Recipes: Biomass.

The Hub in Satisfactory can be dismantled as well and you will get a refund in terms of the resources used. Moreover, in case you rebuild a Hub, it will retain all its upgrades and milestones. This means you will not have to upgrade your Hub if you rebuild it. Another thing worth noting is that you can only build one Hub in Satisfactory at a time.

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