How To Create Multiple Instagram Accounts from the Primary Account?

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These days everyone is flaunting their lifestyles on Instagram. Individuals from the same family have their solo Insta profiles and not to mention their pets. Sometimes it’s the one person who controls all these accounts. Our not so social media savvy friends may think it must be a tough job to maintain multiple Instagram accounts. Well, not really. In this guide, I will tell you how to create different accounts on Instagram and switch between them as per your need.

Earlier it was not possible to have multiple account sourcing from one primary account. Back in 2016, Instagram started to allow multiple accounts(from the same user for different purposes) on its platform. This means the same person can use different credentials and add a second or third account from his first account. I have put up the steps in detail and it’s quite easy to do.

How to create and Switch between Multiple Instagram Accounts

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How To Create Multiple Instagram Accounts

First, let’s begin by creating a second Instagram account over the original one.

  • Launch Instagram
  • Go to your Profile > tap on the hamburger menu
  • Then go to Settings

  • Scroll down to the option Add Account
  • Then you have to tap Sign Up.
  • If your current/first Instagram account is logged in from your email ID, then for signing up to the second account, use your Facebook or Twitter maybe.
  • It applies to phone numbers as well. For the second account if you wish to sign up with your phone number, then use a number that you have not used for the first Insta account.

If you are providing a phone number as a credential, then to confirm the authenticity Instagram will send you a verification code that you have to enter to create your second Instagram account.

Alternatively, if you provide an email ID, then you have to click a confirmation link that the social media will send to your provided mail ID inbox.


Do not use the same email ID or phone number for the second Instagram account which you already use as a credential for your first account. Otherwise, you will be notified by Instagram that you already have an account under that email or phone number.

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How to Switch Between Multiple Accounts

It’s pretty easy provided that you have logged in with your second account as well.

  • Open Instagram
  • Tap on Profile/username
  • You will be presented with the list of accounts that you’ve connected
  • Now, select the one you wish to access. It’s that simple.


Using this exact method I described you can also create and merge a third account if you require. Just make sure to use an email ID or phone that you already don’t use as a credential for your previously created accounts. On one particular device, you can create up to 5 Instagram accounts that you can use by switching between one another.

So, that’s all you need to do to create and switch between multiple Instagram accounts. I hope that this guide was helpful to the new Instagrammers on the webspace.

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