Valorant Sova Guide: Ability, Best Weapons, Best Agents and More

Riot Games’ Valorant is the latest sensation in the world of online games. The tactical 5-vs-5 tactical shooter game is definitely the next gigantic thing in the gaming world. It is already breaking viewership records on Twitch, thanks to its superb gameplay and characters. Each match in the game comprises 25 rounds, and the team that wins the first 13 comes out on top. A group begins with an attack, and other does the defense. After 12 rounds, the scenario changes. The most exciting aspect of the game for me is agents. All the agents are unique, and their abilities are differentiating factors. One such character is Valorant Sova.

Valorant Sova finds and eliminates enemies with supreme precision. He is a great initiator who can brilliantly set up fights. Sova is regarded as one of the best scouts in the game, which means the team with him as a player will always have a little bit of extra information. His custom bow and scouting abilities make him a superior agent. If you would like to know more about Valorant Sova, keep reading.

Valorant Sova Guide

Valorant Sova


Owl Drone (Cost = 300)

Take and fire an Owl Drone that allows you to take control of the drone’s movement. During the time, you can also shoot a dart that helps in revealing the position of the enemy struck by the dart. You can fire many Owl Drones, but because of a long cooldown, you will need to do this with perfect timing.

Shock Bolt (Cost = 100)

This ability of Valorant Sova lets you fire a lightning arrow. It detonates upon collision and causes harm to any player nearby nearer the player, higher the damage. The arrow can bounce off of two surfaces. You cannot use Shock Bolt to kill an enemy with full health; it is best for softening the targets if you are far away. You need to hold fire to extend the range of the projectile.

Recon Bolt (Cost = Free)

Valorant Sova’s signature ability is powerful. It allows you to equip the bow with recon bolt. It works similarly to Shock Bolt, but only in terms of firing the arrow. It deploys a sonar emitter that will reveal the location of the enemy in its line of sight. One thing to remember in mind about Recon Bolt is that the enemy can see scouting radius on the minimap.


Hunter’s Fury (Cost = 7 points)

The ultimate ability of Sova lets you fire three arrows that can pass through the terrain. It will reveal enemies hit by the arrow for some time and also cause heavy damage. It is great for making a kill but even better for denying your enemy of an area. The arrow goes through the wall, but you need to make sure the height is perfect.

Best Weapons

Valorant Sova Weapons

Sova has incredible, unique abilities that separate him from the rest of the agents in the game. So whenever you select him as your agent, these are the best weapons that can make him even more effective:


This sniper weapon is semi-automatic and costs 1100 credits to purchase. The capacity of its magazine is five bullets, and a fire rate of 1.5 / 1.2 per second. The sniper provides 202 Head Damage, 101 Torso Damage, and 85 Leg/Arm Damage per bullet to an enemy without armor.



Another sniper weapon for Valorant Sova that costs 4500 credits to purchase. The magazine capacity of the Operator is 5 bullets, and it fires at a rate of 0.75 bullets per second. The sniper has High wall penetration ability and can deal 255 Head Damage, 150 Torso Damage, and 127 Leg/Arm Damage per bullet.

Best Teams


Valorant Sova Agents

If you use the right agents with Valorant Soval, the ones with higher synergies with his abilities, then there are prime chances of winning the game. But before I tell you the best team composition for Sova, understand the Best Team Comp Tiers in Valorant.


S Tier: These are superior agents who are master in defense and offense. This tier consists of the highest-ranking agents with supreme abilities.

A Tier: The second tier comprises agents with powerful abilities but not on the same level as S Tier.

B Tier: Another tier with talented agents, but not potent in the offense. They are good for defense tactics.

C Tier: The middle of the pack tier comprising agents that are neither good nor bad.

Now, let us check out the best team composition for Valorant Sova.

Team 1: Breach, Brimstone, Cypher, Sage, and Sova (Overall: S Tier | Attacker: A Tier | Defender: S Tier)

Team 2: Sage, Rage, Sova, Brimstone, and Breach (Overall: S Tier | Attacker: S Tier | Defender: B Tier)

Wrap Up

Valorant Sova is definitely the best scout in the game. His abilities are more effective when paired with the right weapons and agents that can help in winning the game. Teammates like Sage make him efficient in defeating and slowing down enemies. So next time you play Valorant and choose Sova as your agent, keep these things in mind. Till then, enjoy gaming. I will be coming up with more Valorant guides for you.

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