Virgin Box Keeps Buffering, How to Fix?

With Virgin TV, you get a standard TV box as part of your package. A more robust remote and new profile options make it a better alternative to the Virgin V6 and TiVo boxes. However, you can choose Virgin Media from various entertainment packages, and even the simplest package includes more than 100 channels you can watch on Freeview.

There are Sky Sports and Sky Cinema bundles for sports fans and movie buffs that unlock premium channels such as Sky Showcase and National Geographic. But buffering is something that might bother you while watching your favourite content. That’s the reason why we are here. In this article, you will learn how to fix Virgin Box keeps buffering issue. So, let’s get started with the guide.

Virgin Box Keeps Buffering, How to Fix?

Why is My Virgin Box Keeps Buffering? 

Your box might be the cause, as this is the most common problem. There is also the possibility that your box is malfunctioning if the connections are loose or if the box is malfunctioning in extreme cases. Don’t worry; we’ll identify your problem and give you the best solution. 

  1. Your account is not funded if you have a problem with your account. Unless you have a sufficient balance, you might not be able to view or operate your channels. Your Virgin Media box can be recharged and a plan chosen on the website.  
  2. When the weather is bad, the signal can be disrupted. The router may not pick up signals, and you won’t be able to view anything. 

How To Fix Virgin Box Keeps Buffering

So, here are some fixes that will help you resolve the Virgin Box keeps buffering issue. Therefore, in case you are facing this buffering issue, perform these fixes:

Fix 1: Reboot your Router 

The first thing you should try when the device seems to be frozen during startup or whenever you encounter a problem is this. Virgin Box keeps buffering can be fixed by restarting or power cycling the device. Follow these steps to complete the process.

  1. It is necessary to disconnect the wire from the router. 
  2. Turn off the router. 
  3. After that, check that all the wires are connected correctly.
  4. Turn the router on and connect the wire.
  5. Then, it will take between five and ten minutes for the router to fully function once it has gained power and been turned on.  

It is a good idea to take a picture of the device before unplugging it so you can easily re-plug it. If you hear a clicking sound, you have connected the cables back to the wall. When the cable has been properly plugged in, you will hear a Click sound.

Try turning your Virgin Box on to verify whether the problem has been resolved. Depending on whether the problem has been resolved, you can enjoy watching your shows, or you can consider the other steps below if you are not able to fix it.

Fix 2: Use Ethernet Cable

A proper connection must be made between the Virgin Box and the Ethernet cable. Using WiFi requires you to also connect the Ethernet cable to the box at the back to ensure there are no problems. Here are the steps for connecting the ethernet cable to the box.

  • To connect the hub to your computer, you will need an Ethernet cable.
  • It is now time to connect the box.
  • If you have a short wire, you can also use the Network Switch. Using the Network switch, Ethernet cables can be extended.

Additionally, the Ethernet cable included with the Virgin Box can be used to connect the box to a computer. The Ethernet Cable can also be tested by this method to determine whether it is functioning properly. By doing this, you will be able to fix the buffering issue with the Virgin Box.

Fix 3: Check Your TV 

There is a possibility that the Virgin Box continuous buffers may not be caused by the router but by your TV. The first thing you should check is that HDMI mode is set correctly. Using the “source” button on most remote controls, it is usually possible to change the source of the TV. You will be able to connect your Virgin TV box to your TV if you choose HDMI. Change the port one source to HDMI 1, and your TV box should connect. 

Fix 4: Check If The System is Down

Your actions are impossible if the main line is down. Using an online search engine or a down detector will help you determine whether or not the system is down. The restoration process may take a few days, so it would be wise to contact the helpline to find out how long it will take. 

Fix 5: Hard Drive Assessment

If the Virgin Box HDMI isn’t working, it may be due to a malfunctioning hard drive. It is your responsibility to replace it. You can replace your hard drive by following these steps.

  • First of all, unplug the box.
  • Once the screw at the back of the box is removed, use a Torx screwdriver to remove it.
  • In order to remove the base screw, you will need to flip it over.
  • With the plastic cover removed, you can now remove the Hard Drive.
  • After removing the screws holding the case and the drive together, remove the screws from the drive.
  • Using the reverse assembly order, remove the new hard drive and reassemble it as you did from the beginning.

This is the time to take a picture or video, so make sure you do that. You must reassemble the new hard drive in the correct manner in order to make it usable.

Previously stored recordings and other materials on the old hard drive must be deleted immediately after installation. In addition, a new hard drive can be assembled, allowing the box to begin over from scratch. Now that you’ve updated the Virgin Box, it should boot up without any problems.

Fix 6: Check the Cables

When there are loose wires, the TV box will display an error. Make sure HDMI and sound cables are connected correctly. If you need to reboot your box, check the wires. Once the TV is turned back on after rebooting, the setup box will be illuminated with a white light. It is possible that the TV box or the cables are malfunctioning if there is an ambient light present.

Fix 7: Call The Customer Care 

You should contact Virgin Media TV’s customer service team if none of the above work. It may even be possible for the technician to visit your home and set up the box if necessary. If your Virgin Box keeps buffering, they will provide you with the appropriate solution.

So, that’s how you can resolve the Virgin Box keeps buffering issue. We hope that the troubleshooting methods discussed above have helped you. But if you have doubts or queries, please let our team know in the comments below.

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