Fix: Virgin Box Keeps Losing Connection/Signal

Is the internet connection on your Virgin Box getting frequently disconnected or does the signal drops too often? This can be frustrating for anyone. Having a frequently disconnecting internet connection is as bad as not having the internet connection. But, no need to worry here as you are not the only one facing this issue on your Virgin Box. Thankfully, there are several workarounds that can fix the internet problem so that you can continue watching your favorite movies or shows without any hassle.

Fix: Virgin Box Keeps Losing Connection/Signal

Here’s What to Do When the Virgin Box Keeps Losing Connection/Signal

There could be various reasons why your Virgin Box keeps losing the connection. It can happen due to some issues with the router, software bugs, or the router might be far away from the Virgin Box. Now that we have a little bit of understanding of the problem, let’s dive into the solutions.

Solution 1: Place the Router Near the Virgin Box

The more the distance between the router and connecting device, the harder it becomes for the device to keep getting a good signal strength. In other words, if you have placed the router too far from the Virgin Box internet connectivity and speed-related problems are likely to arise. What you can do is place the router near the Virgin Box so that it will keep getting a good Wi-Fi signal strength. After you’ve done this, check if the problem is solved.

Solution 2: Restart Your Virgin Box

There might be a temporary bug or a minor system glitch that is preventing the device from making a connection to the Wi-Fi network. It can be eliminated by restarting the Virgin Box. Here’s how to do it:

Steps to restart Virgin TV V6 Box:

  1. Press the Home button on the V6 remote.
  2. Select Help & Settings.
  3. Tap on clear or Reset V6 box.
  4. Select Restart V6 Box.
  5. Follow on-screen instructions.

Steps to restart TiVo Box:

  1. Press the Home button on TiVo Remote.
  2. Select Help & Settings.
  3. Tap on Clear or Reset TiVo box.
  4. Select Restart the TiVo Box.
  5. Follow on-screen instructions to restart the device.

Solution 3: Reconnect the Wi-Fi Network

You can try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network to check if it solves the problem. To forget the connected Wi-Fi network, tap the Home button on your remote, go to settings, locate Wi-Fi settings, and forget the connected network.

After you’ve removed the connected Wi-Fi network, restart your Virgin Box. Open the Wi-Fi settings, tap on your Wi-Fi connection name, and enter the correct password. After connecting to the Wi-Fi network, check if the problem is gone.

Solution 4: Update the Firmware Version of Your Virgin Box

Firmware updates are critical. Apart from new features and improvements, it also includes fixes to the previously known issues. Therefore, you should update the firmware version of your Virgin Box. To update the firmware version, go to settings and install the latest update.

Solution 5: Reboot the Router

Rebooting the router often fixes issues such as frequent disconnection and low signal strength. You can simply plug out the power cable of the router, keep it off for at least a minute, and plug the power cable back into the socket.

Solution 6: Test Internet Connection on Your Phone

Many times we think that there is some problem with the Virgin Box which is why it is continuously losing internet connection without even checking the internet connection. Connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network and access the internet for at least 5 minutes. If you face a signal drop or any other Wi-Fi-related problem on your phone, the real culprit is your router. In this case, you should contact your internet service provider (ISP) to sort things out for you.

Final Words

Internet is a boon for smart devices like Virgin Box and Smart TVs. It opens a new world of entertainment for us. But things become stressful when we can’t use the internet. In this blog post, we’ve briefly talked about the internet connection problem on Virgin Box along with their solutions. Have you fixed the issue on your device? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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