How to Fix If Virgin Box Keeps Losing Sound

Virgin Box is one of the TV set-top boxes which makes the viewing experience of the users better. It comes with a lot of handy features which give good customer satisfaction to the users. The Box is focused on the accessibility of the viewers so, they can binge-watch the shows without facing any issues. The Virgin Box comes with features like Switch Profile through which you and your family members can easily add your profile and watch their own favorites without searching for them. You just have to switch the profile.

The Virgin Box is much famous due to the User Interface that they are providing are same on all the display platforms whether it is a mobile, tablet, or Smart TV. The reason behind providing the same interface is to make it easy to use for the users. They have tried to make it super accessible by providing the Voice Search & Control Functionality. Yes! Its remote comes with a microphone button through which you can easily find your favorite program.

Now, many users are reporting that they are facing problems with their Virgin Box. They are reporting that their Virgin Box keeps losing sound repeatedly for seconds and then completely. So, check how to fix this issue.

How to Fix If Virgin Box Keeps Losing Sound

Reasons For Virgin Box Sound Issue

Many users are reporting that their Virgin Box keeps losing sound. But, before talking about the solution. You should check what kind of problem is your Virgin Box facing. So, we are listing out the most possible reasons which can be the reason for Losing Sound in Your Virgin Box. So, check the listed reasons below.

  • Internet Connection Problem
  • Cable Issues
  • Software Problem
  • Hardware Problem in the Box

There might be some other problems too. But, these are the most common problem which is being faced by the users they are reporting.  So, now, let’s talk about the solution to fix this problem.

Steps to Fix Virgin Box Sound Issue

So, we will be listing out all the solutions which you can try to resolve this issue. Also, we will suggest to you what to do if it is not solved by the below-mentioned methods.

Restarting The Box

This is the first step that every user should try if they are facing the issue of the Box keeps losing sound. It is the most basic step that you should try. So, Restarting or Power Cycle is the best troubleshooting way for the Virgin Box. Follow these steps to do this.

  • Press the Power Button on the front panel.
  • When the Box completely gets turned off, then unplug the box from the main board.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes.
  • Unplug all the cables that are connected to it.
  • Plug it back from where you took it off. And, wait for one more minute.

Note: When you are unplugging the cables, make sure you record a video or take a picture so you can easily re-plug the wires into their correct location. Make sure you hear some sound of click while plugging back the cables. The Click sound assures that the cable has been plugged correctly.

Now, turn on your Virgin Box, and see if the problem is fixed or not. If the problem has been fixed then enjoy watching your shows, and if not fixed then try the other steps which are mentioned below.

Check The Cable Connection

One of the basic reasons for the problem is due to the loose wire connections. You should make sure that all of your cables or connections which are connected at the back of the Virgin Box are working correctly. Sometimes if the cables are not working correctly then you can face this issue. Now, check whether the Power Cable, HDMI Cable, Coaxial Cable, and Ethernet Cable are plugged in tightly.

Ethernet Cable

You should check your Ethernet Cable is connected properly in the Virgin Box. Also, double-check whether the wire is in working condition and is not damaged. In case, if you are using the WiFi feature of the box, then you should check also by connecting the ethernet cable to the box in the back to make sure that there is no problem with the WiFi.

  • Connect an ethernet cable to the back of the box. You can also use the ethernet cable that was provided to you in the packaging box when you bought the Virgin Box.
  • Now, check whether the Ethernet Cable is working correctly or not.

After doing this, check whether the problem has been resolved or not. Also, do these steps for all your connected cables because if the cables are damaged then you have to replace them with a new one.

Check Output Settings

Make sure you check the output format of the Virgin Box properly and tick the proper formats. Some users have also fixed this by changing settings from the Output Format. So, you should also check the output video format setting of your box.

Software Glitches

Some users were also reporting that they are facing this from the software as they have checked that all the things are working correctly. So, if it is Software Glitch then you have to wait for the update so that this issue can be fixed.

Contact Customer Support

After doing the all above-mentioned steps, if your Virgin Box works properly then you don’t have to contact customer support. But, if you are still facing the issue of losing sound, then you have to contact customer support which will visit and fix the issue if it happens because of some internal hardware problem.


In this guide, we have mentioned all the possible ways to Fix Virgin Box Losing Sound Issue. I hope I was able to make all the steps clear to you. Also, follow all the steps carefully to resolve the issue of losing sound on your Virgin Box. Also, if there are any other methods to fix it, then do share them with us in the comment section.

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