Fix: Voot Not Working on Samsung, LG, Sony, or Any Smart TV

Voot is a very well-known and most incredible Indian streaming platform that allows you to watch all the latest TV shows available on Voot, such as Big Boss, TV Serials, etc. However, although the Voot app is available on every device such as Samsung, LG, Sony, or any Smart TV. But, not many users are happy with their service, as most of the smartTV owners reported that the Voot app is not working on Samsung, LG, Sony, or any Smart TV.

Nevertheless, there could be different reasons why you are facing this problem, but no one currently knows the exact reason why this issue occurs. Therefore, we are here with this guide to help you fix the Voot not working issue on Samsung, LG, Sony, or Any Smart TV. So, we advise you to follow these fixes to resolve the error.

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How To Fix Voot Not Working on Samsung, LG, Sony, or Any Smart TV

You can try these tips if you’re having Voot not working issue on Samsung, LG, Sony, or any Smart TV. You should perform these steps one after another to achieve a perfect fix for yourself. So, let’s get started with them:

Fix 1: You Need To Restart Your Voot App

If your Voot app does not function properly on your Samsung, LG, Sony, or any Smart TV, there is a chance that there is some cache data stored that prevents it from functioning properly. Thus, you need to delete those cache files, and in order to do so, restart your Voot TV. This will help you get rid of those files and make your Voot app work again.

Fix 2: Try Restarting The Device

If you encounter the Voot app not working issue, try rebooting your devices to fix the problem. It is important to do this since it is possible that the cache files of your app may be corrupted, preventing the app from running on your device as expected.

Hence, in order to solve this problem, you need to restart your device since doing so flushes the RAM and gets a fresh start. Therefore, let’s reboot your Samsung, LG, Sony, or any Smart TV in order to test if it will fix the Voot app not working issue.

Fix 3: Check Your Internet Connection

A poor internet connection may also prevent the Voot app from functioning on your device. So it is important to have a reliable internet connection.

Using the Ookla speed tester website, you can test your WiFi connection to see if it provides you with adequate internet speed. You can, however, power cycle your router/modem once if your WiFi isn’t performing properly.

However, if you didn’t see a change in your speed after this, you should contact your ISP and ask if there’s an issue with your local connection.

Fix 4: Check Voot Server

It could be that Voot TV’s servers are down because of maintenance, even though your network connection and Voot TV app are working. You can hover over the DownDetector to find out if you’re the only one experiencing this server error or if everyone has the problem.

You’ll see how many users have encountered this error in the last 24 hours on the DownDetector page. Unfortunately, since it is a developer’s issue, you can only wait if other people have also reported it.

Fix 5: Try A Different Device

Have you tried the Voot app on other devices? Possibly the app is not compatible with your device, causing it not to work properly.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you test the Voot application on other devices (if available) to determine whether it works correctly. In the event it does, this means your current device is not working correctly with the Voot app.

Fix 6: Reinstall The Voot App

Corrupt or damaged installation files may cause this issue. In order to resolve it, you should repair those files. Here’s how. The only way to locate and repair those files is to reinstall the Voot app on your device. You can do this by these steps: 

  1. First, visit to the Home screen of your device. 
  2. From the Channel store, choose Voot App.
  3. Finally, click the Remove Channel button. 
  4. Click Remove Channel again to confirm your selection. 

The Voot app will be removed from your device. However, almost all devices go through the same process, so you can visit their official website to find out which steps apply to your device. 

Fix 7: Check For OS Update

If the error is still occurring and you didn’t find a way to resolve this, it is possible that your operating system may not be updated due to which you are facing this type of error. So, to fix that, you can simply try to check if there is any type of update available for your PC or not.

If so, then quickly update it. However, many users previously claimed that when they updated their system OS, the issue automatically gets resolved. Therefore, you must also give it a try and check if it helps. 

Fix 8: Contact To Voot Officials

Did you try out all the fixes mentioned earlier in this guide? Well, if, even after that, you find that the issue won’t get fixed, then try to contact the Voot officials, as they’re the only ones who can now help you resolve the error.

However, it is possible that the issue might be occurring from the developer’s end, and you do not have anything to do to resolve this error. So, you can simply ping the support team and ask them about this error; they will surely help you resolve this issue. 

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So, that’s how to fix the Voot App not working on Samsung, LG, Sony, or any other smart TV. We hope this troubleshooting article was useful to you. If you have any questions about this topic, we are happy to answer them. So, please comment below. Also, if you like this article, then you may also like Fix: Panasonic TV Netflix Not Working.

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