How to Get Inaros in Warframe?

One of the key concepts of the game is to use specialized biomechanical suits, known as Warframes, to harness your unique skills and survive against your enemies in the game. One such Warframe featured in the game is the Inaros. This is a special ancient Egyptian-themed Warframe and is considered by many to be the toughest Warframe to defeat in the game, as long as it is built properly.

Inaros avoids shields and instead counts on his abundant health and special power of generating armor. These are generally enough to help him survive even the toughest of battles. So, how does one get Inaros in Warframe? Let’s read our brand new guide and find out!

How to Get Inaros in Warframe?

There is only one way to get Inaros in Warframe, really. You will have to successfully complete the Sands of Inaros quest in the game. This can be purchased from Baro Ki’Teer for 100 Ducats and 50,000 Credits. You will be able to purchase it every two weeks because you can only obtain it from Baro when he is in the Relay. Keep in mind, however, that you must be at Mastery Rank 5 in order to be eligible to buy it from Baro.

When you are ready, start up the Sands of Inaros Quest from the Codex. It is a pretty engaging mission; you will be required to help Baro Ki’Teer in a personal issue of his. In the process, you will get to look closely at Baro’s past and learn intriguing new things about him. Most of the quest involves charging an ancient vessel by taking down some kinds of foes. At the very end of the quest, you will have to face a unique and powerful boss battle. Do not forget to scan the boss when you have the opportunity. You won’t be getting this chance in the future, ever.

As you progress through the quest, you will obtain the main blueprint for Inaros. You will also earn blueprints for his Chassis, Neuroptics, and System. After this, you can proceed to your Foundry and construct the components. You will have to combine them with the main blueprint, in order to build the Inaros in Warframe itself.

How to Get Inaros in Warframe?

Building the Warframe

Given below is a complete list of all the components you will need in order to build the Inaros in Warframe.


2 Nitain Extract

350 Polymer Bundle

500 Plastids

1500 Alloy Plate

15000 Credits


3 Neurodes

100 Oxium

300 Plastids

1000 Nano Spores

15000 Credits


2 Argon Crystals

300 Polymer Bundle

500 Circuits

1600 Nano Spores

15000 Credits

Although you will be able to build all the components simultaneously, each individual component will require twelve hours to construct. The Inaros Warframe needs three entire days to build. You will be able to circumvent these build timers by using the special currency of Warframe – Platinum.

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